SORA, Berlin- Friedrichshain- Lovely Vietnames Food

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Hello dear Tasteemians,

Awesome Meatless Vietnames Kitchen

Last week me and @charles-d wanted to go for some Japanese Udon noddles but Friday evening the place we want to visit was to full stuffed. So we walked the street further and found a vegetarian restaurant which had free seats inside.

A short view on the card grabbed our attention too.

The SORA restaurant offers vegan and vegetarrian dishes and it is located in the Sonntagsstrasse Berlin- Friedrichshain.


I had real luck and have been able to take a photo because the inside restaurant it was really busy.

Usually when I test a brandnew location I only order a few starters to check the quality.

So we decided to try 3 and share them together.

Sweet Potato Fries with A Selfmade Cocktail Sauce


The Papaya salad has been a dream come true.


Fried VegetableBags With Salad.

Conclusion: A first test more than passed.
The papaya salad is the hammer, with 6 Euros a little more expensive, but was more than worth it.
The sweet potato fries were very tasty and the vegetable bags were excellent.
I'm looking forward to a visit with a main dish.
The restaurant is a family business and everyone is very friendly.
In the evening I would always order a table.
Clear recommendation.
Thumps UP for SORA

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Restaurant Information

Sonntagstraße 26, 10245 Berlin, Germany

SORA, Berlin- Friedrichshain- Lovely Vietnames Food
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Thank you :-)


Thanks for represent another beautiful restaurant

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Welcome. You got a visit in return.

Very delicious. Yummy...

Thank you. You got a visit in return.

That's looks so nice and incredible to have a meal there : )

Thank you @blazing :-)

Klingt vielversprechend und sieht fantastisch aus.

Danke dir :-)

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Thank you :-)


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Thank you.

What an awesome looking place! Love the lights - yes, yes, I know I am supposed to be looking at the food... but what can I say... I got distracted lol!

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Nice place

Hey @lichtblick, here is a little bit of BEER from @libertycrypto27 for you. Enjoy it!

veggie foods were good for health and keep your body charge and energized and I also love fried vegetable bags with a salad it looking crunchy.
Awesome review enjoy food @lichtblick

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Thanks for sharing us this lovely review!


and healthy food.