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The SAMAI Distillery is located in a small alley off Samdach Sothearos Blvd, if you ask me. The alley is so dark with no proper signages. You can't even see the door unless you're a frequent patron of this place. Since we were here early (8.30pm); the crowd usually starts to build up by 9.30pm and continues till just after 2AM. Opened to public only on Thursdays so that the public can enjoy their rum cocktails or purchase the SAMAI rum by the bottles.

Across the road, there is a SAMAI store which one could purchase any of the SAMAI rum, be it Kampot Pepper Rum, Samai Gold Rum or Samai PX Limited Edition. Note that all purchases are in USD in this country so make sure you brought enough USD if you're ever travelling for business or leisure in this country.


The SAMAI Distillery serves only rum; be it neat or on the rocks. Rum cocktails are also available but only with the base using rum. No other alcoholic base is available; talk about being defensive! At the back is the distillery section; public can view how the process is done which is pretty amazing. Even the bottling section is available for viewing.


The entire area is decorated with SAMAI rum barrels as bar tables and high bar stools. Only one huge bar table was available to share for everyone and one seated corner. Everyone else orders their drink, pays and stands around. I did see some light finger bites available on the menu to enjoy with the rum. However, since we had just finished dinner, it was just drinks for us. But, we did indulged ourselves with some chocolates flavoured rum!


I tried both the Kampot Pepper Rum & Samai Gold Rum. A little education I got is that majority of the rums available in the market is either White Rum or Gold Rum. Pepper Rum is uncommon and leaves a spicy after taste on the mouth. If you like spicy, then this is the rum to try.

With 2 of my newly made friends, we order two drinks each and the bill came up to USD 51 which is pretty fair and acceptable. We stayed on till almost 10PM and by then the place was getting all packed up and noisy. The music had gone up and having a conversation was beginning to be difficult. Guess it's time for us to go home. After all, it is only Thursday night.


The next time I go to Phnom Penh, I'll be sure to make my trip from Wednesday to Friday; just so that I can visit SAMAI Distillery again! There's so many other cocktails that I would want to try, you should too.

Restaurant Information

Samai Distillery
#9b, Street 830, 830 Samdach Sothearos Blvd, Phnom Penh 12301, Cambodia

Samai Distillery, Phnom Penh | Tasteem Review
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That looks like a very rustic and cozy place! I cant say i have tasted that much rum in my days... but i love Pirate movies!

I think that's how the owners wanted it to be..
Keep it authentic !

Wow! It's only open on Thursday Night and to be able to drink inside a distillery what a great experience!

Oh yes.. it is an experience indeed
That's why the next time I go back to Phom Penh, I'll be sure to stay from Wed till Fri :)

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I like how they used the barrels are design, very unique.

Actually the barrels are to store the rum.. That's what I've been told. And the place is amazing. A true gem!!

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That must be interesting to only have a choice of rum or rum-based cocktails. I would probably like the pepper rum!

The pepper rum is actually quite interesting.
Having that spicy after taste ..
It's stronger if only taking it with ice but still a good selection

Rum is my 2nd favorite hard liquor, (tequilla is 1st), but what I usually drink if I'm not drinking red wine or a beer. The chocolate rum sounds good, but the pepper rum - mmm, I would really like to find some of that here in America!

Oh yes.. when biting the chocolate, the run just oozes out the flavour and its really strong!
Maybe too strong for me but still a good try for me

Looks like you had fun. I’m not much of a drinker but would have tried the different rums.

I saw one of the customers ordered a whole rack of different rum..
And they serve it like in shots.
I think it must taste good !

Oh!! Pepper Rum!! Ues, please!


Ha ha. ure got a spicy taste bud huh :)

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I love your reviews @ireenchew always very well done. This one is no exception.

Thank you @tryskele..
I always try to write what's best and right for the place of dining and also do justice to them :)

The place looks quite nice :) The drinks too. For some reason they really look tasty from the pictures.

How do I taste a picture?

It does..of course it's pretty dark. Even with my night mode control from my phone, this was the best I could get

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Nice ambiance to the room decor, looks like you had a great time @ireenchew

Actually I think I was more amazed with the entire place and the rums.
Definitely one of it's kind...

MMMMMM! Chocolate and rum! I don't drink much rum, but I do love it with chocolate. Open only Thursdays is an interesting choice that couldn't happen in the US (too many regulations and costs associated with serving any kind of alcohol) and probably increases the allure of the place, as if entering through a hidden portal were not enough.

I guess the bar is just a form of publicity not really for actual business.
I was told their rum is mainly for export

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I have very little knowledge of rum although my Mum was fond of rum and raisin icecream. Those chocolates must have been delicious.

Oh yes.. Chocolate infused with rum.. One bit and the rum oozes into your mouth 😊😆

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What a cool place.

Oh.. Absolutely yes 😊

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A good review and I like the décor of the place my friend.

Thanks so much..
Indeed a place to share with everyone 😊

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My pleasure to stop by my friend.

Not the spicy rum for me, but it looks like a really cool place to have fun and hang out. Nice review!

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I said no to the spicy rum but then after one sip, it's quite acceptable..
Strange but unique 😊

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That was a great experience!

Oh absolutely yes!!
That's why I'm planning to return here again 😊

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That's a great idea for a bar theme. Everything is rum. Sweet!

I guess since it's a distiller.. It creates interest to the public and people come to check it out

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Good drink

I no rum person but this was a good experience to try this liquor..

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That's a really focused business: only rum, and only on Thursday's. It certainly looks fun! I'd sure try to get a drink there if I could. Thanks for sharing!

Oh yes.. And imagine how people flock in just for this one day to try out their rums!
I must say it must be good for so many people to come by

Howdy ireenchew! What a great review and I like those kind of places that are out of the way with lots of character!

Oh yes.. They are definitely staying true to their roots.
Most would make a full 7 days business but instead to only open for 1 day, that's really bold !

Oh I forgot about that part of their business, yes, that's also remarkable. But I guess if their main business is making the rum they can afford to do it that way. It's brilliant marketing too by creating a unique situation and scarcity!

This was a great write up ireenchew and I'm not even a rum drinker. I tried it one time and it was so strong it about knocked me over! lol.

How much is a bottle of rum, do you happen to know @ireenchew? 💕 Fun post.

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I also wondered if it was pricy but actually it is..
Purchasing the bigger bottles is more cost effective than the smaller ones.
Then again, I guess the smaller bottles are a good giveaway item


LOok awesome place!

Oooo, those chocolates looks delish! What a fun night, @ireenchew and...

Those chocolates are deceiving. One bite and the rum oozes into your mouth! And it's strong by my standards. I think with 2 chocolates and I'll be dancing away 😆

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LOL! I had some chocolate with alcoholic fillings like that one time that caught me off guard, and I do believe dancing was involved... 😉 😂