Review for the "BBQ & Burgers Contest" | Day spent well at The Pabulum Mirpur!

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Tasteem Food Contest Review

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Topic : BBQ & Burgers
Restaurant : The Pabulum Mirpur


🔹 Food Item Names With Price :

🍔 Chicken Double Patty Burger with Cheese : 230 Tk


➡️ This is the most popular item in The Pabulum. It was so spicy and cheesy. It made with double patty of chicken with some mayonnaise and cheese. It was also so much Juicy. I take the Naga Version of that Burger. You can also find a Smokey wind with Chicken Double Patty Burger with Cheese.



🔹 Environment :

The Pabulum has four different branch in Dhaka. I went only to the Mirpur branch. This branch mainly made for business conference and a space for foodies. If you want a formal place with a beautiful atmosphere then you should go to The Pabulum Mirpur. Even their price range is also reasonable. The Pabulum mainly a Burger Restaurant but they also serve some appetizers.


❤️ FORMAL Decoration
💜 Serves one of the best kinda Burgers
💙 Clean and Hygienic
💚 Recommended for Business Inquiries


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Restaurant Information

The Pabulum Mirpur
Section 6, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh

Review for the "BBQ & Burgers Contest" | Day spent well at The Pabulum Mirpur!
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Fresh and Tasty looking burger. Should be delicious.


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