North Park Restaurant, A Chinese- Filipino Comfort Food Haven

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Filipino food is already good as it is but it becomes better when fused with other cuisines. One good taste to pair to Filipino food is the famous Oriental cooking of the Chinese. There are a lot of Chinoy (a term for Chinese-Filipino fusion) restaurants here in Metro Manila and all over the Philippines since the Chinese people have been trading with the Philippines long before any other race came to discover our country.


One of the best Chinoy restaurant I have came across with is North Park Restaurant. They pride of Chinoy comfort food. The owner themselves are half Chinese and half Filipino. They started the business small but now it has a chain of restaurants all over the country. They have perfected the tastes that satisfy the Chinoy crowd.


In their menu, you can find the usual Chinese food that Filipinos love, hot pots, dimsum, noodles, soups, congee and something that binds that two cultures, RICE! Rice meals with Filipino viands are available. Chinese food is much more diverse and have a variety of things in the menu. This is one of those restaurants where you have a lot to choose from. I'm sure you know how the menu looks like in Chinese restaurants, that's how it is.


The ambiance is welcoming, since it's a family business, expect that the place looks like a home and open for family gatherings, group gatherings but it's also good for someone who just wants to sit and have tea. They have group meals that starts with a meal for four people. They accommodate parties and they have a delivery service. They also have promos and discounted items every now and then.


When we order in this restaurant, the food comes in fast that's one we reason we keep coming back. The servers are courteous and quick. I love a good service always. That adds big good points for this place plus the fact that thet serve comfort food, I love their consistency in offering their patrons that convenience of good food and good service.

North Park is a must visit and truly something that the Chinese and Filipinos can feel at home to.

Restaurant Information

North Park Noodles
Filinvest Ave, Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1770 Metro Manila, Philippines

North Park Restaurant, A Chinese- Filipino Comfort Food Haven
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So Yummy and Different looking food. Nice Review. I have shared this.