MESA, More Than Just Another Filipino Restaurant

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Mesa Restaurant is owned by Philippine's known Showbiz actress, Sharon Cuneta. She is also fondly called the Mega Star, I am thinking that's why it is called Mesa because it sounds like Mega and also mesa means table in Filipino.

Mesa is not just another Filipino restaurant, it has its own signature of being a one-of-a-kind, classy restaurant because of its location, ambiance, tablewares, the menu, the pricing, and a whole lot more of its very own features. Everything is impressive as to its external aspects, the owner really has made efforts to level up the eye-candy factor of the place but it's actually not too pricey. The place still has the Filipino masses in mind because of they provide the best quality of Filipino food but it's affordable for the common Filipino. I bet they source their food locally and direct from farmers to be able to profit in this kind of marketing.


The place is always jam-packed especially on weekends. Their set meals are a bestseller for those who come in groups like families. I, myself would recommend this to families or groups, just come earlier and bear with the wait time because it's going to be really worth it.


The food is great, service may take awhile but nevertheless, everyone is courteous and polite. I also would like to stress that you can always ask their staff or servers to modify your orders or request to customize some orders like leave some ingredients off the dish. This is a great place to bring friends and family.

Restaurant Information

26 Ortigas Ave Ext, Pasig, 1608 Metro Manila, Philippines

MESA, More Than Just Another Filipino Restaurant
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Nice! I may make a visit. Do they serve !BEER ? HAHAHA

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Looks like a very nice place to dine in. I so want to try it in the future. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great day!

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