Tarot Tuesday - Lenormand - 32 Moon

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Hello from the Steemit Tarot community!

@steemittarot began as a way to curate all the Tarot Tuesday posts that starting popping up on the site. Now the hope is to connect all readers, people interested in learning about the cards, and other assorted people bearing good juju.

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Thank you!

Interesting work, that tent looks comfortable. 😊

Thanks. Yeah, I think that would be a great place to live for awhile. One year, when I went camping with a group of people, there was a fairly decent wind storm and many people with modern fancy-dancy tents suffered a lot of damage. (My family had tiny tents which didn't suffer at all.) But the largest tent in the camp was a teepee, and it suffered absolutely nothing. The strongest of the bunch, and shaped correctly to basically ignore the wind.

I lived in a teepee for about 3 years when I lived in AZ. Loved it! I was fortunate to travel through the woods of Germany in the early 90's where we sewed and harvested the poles and made them.. Good times. This shape creates a double green vortex, like that of a pyramid or dodechahedron shape. So fun, to experiment with the perfect fire as to have all the smoke spiral up and out the center! My native American friends are masters of the fire keeper. They can take 3 pieces of wood and make it burn in the formation of a phoenix bird. Thanks for the creative work here, flashed me back to another time in space. I think the 8 is appropriate as it it a torrid field of infinity and the MOON represents that perfectly...

Awesome, thanks!
I was just telling Trincowski here that I was camping with some people one year and the teepee in the bunch was by far the sturdiest (and sexiest) of the structures there. I can't think of a nicer shelter design - the only one that comes close is the yurt.