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(Image source: Pixabay)

I'm taking you along with me as I create a new card deck for myself. I will create it with an American Indian theme as I did once before. What is Lenormand? - check out my previous article.

Card 31 - Sun

This was a fairly simple card to design because most cultures have similar thoughts when it comes to the sun. The sun is often worshiped in various cultures as being the father of life (as the Earth is the mother.)

The sun means warmth, beginnings, fertility, growth, all good things.

When we think of the Sun, we tend to think of:

  • Happiness, success, vitality
  • Power, light, warmth
  • Universal medicine of love - from the sky...

For more information on what this card means, check out Lenormand1's interpretation - for combining the Sun with any other card, check out the site: Learn Lenormand

For my new card, For my new card, I hit Google Images search, looking for something with CC0 (Creative Commons 0) licensing meaning that I don't always have to remember to credit someone - essential if I were to start doing paid readings with these cards.

I also had to find out which traditional playing card is associated with this card. So, here is my result:

(Base image source: PxFuel.)

There were not that many good pictures to choose from this time. I chose this one as it really seems to epitomize the optimism of this card. It really is a sunshiny day (almost) wherever this card is found in a spread.

I really like the result.

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Interesting work, I like the artwork! It's very funny!

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It's an interesting interpretation, isn't it?
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