How to become mentally strong ????

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To become mentally strong, you need to control your mind. The way you think, defines your present and future. So always try to control your thoughts and actions.

You can train your mind to control many aspects of your life.

Practice below 4 things to be mentally strong:

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Do to be a victim of a situation:

A person is a reflection of his thoughts. If you can always think of success, its very likely that you succeed at almost every part of your life. Thats why its said that "You are what, is because of your thoughts".

But, when you see yourself as a looser, its very likely that you will be a victim of circumstances.

Be kind to yourself:

Don't be stressed, if you fail on something. Life is all about making a new try after failure. Always forgive yourself for the failure and learn from that.

Learning from mistakes and not repeating the same in life is very important. It helps you to learn new things and in fact this is what we call as learning from experiences.

Always kind to yourself and be aware. Do the right things in a proper way, even if you fail after that, it won't hurt you for sure.

Stop comparing self with others:

Everyone in this world has some different capabilities. If you compare your some capabilities with others and will find them superior, then don't be sad.

You must have some better qualities in some other way compared to them. So never compare yourself to other, rather try to be the best in every way possible.

Ignore what people think about you:

No one is perfect to judge you and most importantly why you should care ??

If you do the things properly and in the best way, then is there any need for concerning about what others think about that?

Listen to every body, accept what is good and reject which is not valuable to you.


And rule number #1 in this case and for all human beings the key to success:


It's the only way to spend love to others! :-)