My Actifit Report Card: October 30 2019

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Well, actually it's Thursday already, it's well past midnight here, but this is yesterday's report about a short and utilitarian #wednesdaywalk.



I had spotted a fallen tree with vibrant red foliage while driving along a nearby road and I still needed an image for the newest #googlyeyes winners announcement later.

I spontaneously stopped, pulled the trusted wellies out of the trunk and walked across the meadow to check it out.



It looked a bit less exciting from close by, but I figured I could still make it work and at the very least it would be a fun exercise to balance my way up to take the picture.




I secured my camera backpack to the trunk and put the little googly trophy in position, that all went much easier than expected and I was ready to capture the scene.



You can see the final result with some pretty bokeh in the latest winner announcement. All that effort just for a bit of pretty blur. Head over to @googlyprize's blog to see the results.

Thanks for your time.



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That was a beautiful too see bokeh imho as well as funny to achieve... you and your parkour habits 🐒

What a cool walk and your balance is better than mine going up that tree but it should make for such a cool shot

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

uh, I didnt see any bokeh, but otherwise its win-win!

whaaaaat?! you didn't see the last @googlyprize post's title image?!

oh... mmm... maybe not. your judging sessions became so random recently :P I am heading to check it now!
ps. did you see the 2nd googly card i sent you via discord? (a postcard from 1984 or so)

it's meant to be a bit random and at different times of the day/week to work fairly distributed for a global audience... but mostly it's also my life dictating when I find time to manage the jury process on discord.

Yeah... I got the card and saved the image immediately... sorry, I must have forgotten to send you a reply.

ah, it's meant to be a bit random -- I didnt know that. ok, "its not bug, its a feature" then! :P

hahaha... exactly :D

oh YESS!!! -- its a great image, worth efforts.

but technically speaking, its not bokeh, maybe just background-out-of-the-focus... no?
well, anyway! "things come to the one who wait". it came to me now :P

but of course - that's exactly what bokeh is - technically speaking ;)

Bokeh is often most visible around small background highlights, such as specular reflections and light sources, which is why it is often associated with such areas. However, bokeh is not limited to highlights; blur occurs in all out-of-focus regions of the image.

I think I just out-smartassed you :D

well, well, maybe we are in grey zone, hmmm... I cant argue so well in english language !! maybe even a primary school pupil could over-smart-ass me!
do you want, using a wikipAEdia quote, convince me that everything out of focus, shot with an open aperture, is a bokeh? I dont buy it! Background, departed from the main image, maybe blurred in a good way, maybe not. it depends. the best part of this we used to consider as bokeh . . . 8-)

oh! and I'd better oversmart-eeerrrrr etc.... you with the certain thing -- bokeh! luckily, I have published today a good one. a nice coincidence :)

heh... bokeh literally translates to "blur" and is used to describe the "quality" of the out-of-focus areas of an image.

you can look it up in any photography text book, you don't have to rely on wikipedia ;)

bokeh literally translates to "blur"

i didnt know that.

the "quality" of the out-of-focus areas of an image.

exactly my opinion / understanding of this. if I had to describe / explain it, i'd say: its a special kind of blur... otherwise, we'd have no need in this word at all, we could simply use the word 'blur' every thime speaking of this matter.

well... the word bokeh is really just a synonym for blur isn't it?!

I guess there's some differentiation in photo-lingualism where the same "amount" of blur can still create a different "quality" of bokeh because of differing lens qualities such as diaphragm shape and aberration.

But technically any out-of-focus-blur is bokeh, whether it looks good or not, then it's just either ugly bokeh or nice looking bokeh... but that's really just a matter of taste anyway.


look at the bokeh!

(which part of the pic you will look?)

If you want a good shot, maybe hang yourself upside down 8-).

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haha. yes!

not the worst of ideas :D


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