Take A Pic & Comment Round#24 "Crown"__ Initiated by @olivia08

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Hello my dear Steemians! I hope you're all okay out there.

Our theme for today as presented by @olivia08 is about CROWN as shown above. That petit crown is owned by Antonia when she was still in Grade 2- FL. Well, it was a money contest, the purpose of which was for some school renovations and agreed by the parents for the benefit of their children.

Antonia liked to play the little princess and this event was a 'dream come true' for her! The problem was that she didn't want to wear the petticoat under her wide skirt. She said it was itchy!


That was her trophy.


The search was real. The organizers conducted a pictorial for each candidate as their souvenir photos, win or lose. She didn't smiled wide because her front baby tooth was missing!

This is my entry, and thanks @olivia08 for initiating this contest.

Before I go, I want to say "Long live the human race!" Let us not be toppled by this pandemic! Well, I guess this is what our initiator, @olivia08 is trying to imply, that we should be the master of ourselves. There's Hope despite the ordeal that we're now facing. God bless us all.

Till then,


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I do not know about the "long live the human race". If I see how people behave... I hope the virus will change a lot wrong into good if not I hope the animals will survive.

Happy day and stay safe. 💕

Hmmm honestly, it gives me the creeps. It's beyond imagination. Even the animals have their own setbacks. There's the swine fever going on and bird's flu is back. The world is in chaos...~÷~

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These flues are back. Not here yet but it doesn't surprise me. It's what I noticed in the past decennia and it's us who created it. We live to close, keep animals too close to each other and this is a natural result of it. The virus is so smart and change, mutate. This coronavirus will never leave either. It wouldn't surprise me if it stays in the body like the herpes virus for example or the HIV... not ill but passing it to others.

It does not give me the creeps but the attitude of some people like our prime minister does.

It will bring us some good for sure and the anti-social people like those with autism, the ones who do not like to shake hands or be kissed by everybody are no longer weirdos. Who knows people will start raising their own children again, homeschooling will be introduced in more countries, more will start growing own food, appreciate nature. Less traffic and jams, pollution (exception inside which is already worse as outside) and we all finally have a family life or my time. 😃

Stay safe and enjoy your day. 💕

Pangag diay, wahahaha. Thank you for your earlier entry. Good luck and this is just for fun about the corona (CROWN) not the virus

Yes I know sis, just a timing of the pandemic going on..

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