Easter Egg Collection - Take A Pic By @Olivia08

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One of the hobbies I have is collecting... and collecting ceramic eggs became a passion when I got my first ceramic egg from the Saturday Fleah Market. It became so obvious to me that this was the first thing I searched at the market. I would look and searched the whole market area trying to find one.


The first egg below was that first in the collection... I use them to add to my blue and white ceramic pieces, I am fascinated by the design. I am not so sure whether this is a vintage one but it does not matter , I just have to get it and it cost me around 15 Euros, quite expensive for such a small piece, but I love it.


The scouring at the fleah market resulted in a few finds for my collection. The rest are not really that expensive. I even found a couple of these at the thrift shop. The one below with the rose design is also a favorite and it was like a give-away. The style is similar to the Fabergé Eggs... And so these are my egg decoration for Easter and my entry to @olivia08 ´s Take A Pix #23.


I am thanking @olivia08 for creating this fun contest.

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These are all so lovely!

Thanks @melinda010100..


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WOW! Nice pieces of collections you have there @mers! Thanks for sharing dear.

You´re welcome and I thank you, too!

Wow! What a great collections. I heard that you are leaving your old home to a new one, I think it's not easy to carry them . You should be very careful and wrap them with cloth to avoid cracking. Thank you for joining dear @mers

Thank you... LOl, yeah, no worries, I´ll take care of them.