Fishing and making kombucha

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Fishing and making kombucha

This past weekend, I've been a bit lazy and the overcast / rainy weather didn't help much. On Sunday, it was dry for long enough for the lawn to not be soaked so did mow the front yard before heading out to Erina Creek for a kayak fishing session.

It was one of the day when I forget to bring a lot of things. It started with forgetting to bring the fishing rod holders so I decided to take with me on the yak only one rod. Then I realised I didn't bring my kayak seat, so I had to sit straight on the plastic without back support... It wasn't comfy on a pedalling kayak, the hard plastic is OK but the angle is uncomfortable and on top of that I got wet bum... After launching, I realised I didn't have my hat and sunnies so had to come back to shore and pick them up from the car.

The beginning of the session was quite slow although I managed to catch a couple of undersize flathead. Using light tackle, it was still fun bringing them back.

After almost an hour, I decided to give up as my back was getting sore from the odd sitting angle and made my way back. But after multiple "last" casts, I hooked up on a decent fish giving out some strong headshakes and strong runs, must be another flathead but a good one. And indeed it was a decent size flatty.

Flathead fish

Of course, I forgot my lip grip but lucky there was a hand towel on the yak.

Flathead fish

A quick selfie and I let the fish go back to the water.

VideoToGif_GIF 5.GIF

The day before, we went to a "dollar" shop and I noticed they were selling a 5 Litre glass jar that is very suitable for making Kombucha. I needed a second one for making a second batch.

As recently mentioned, I'm now a fan of drinking Chimarrão aka Erva Maté. I accidentally bought a pack of the Argentinian Maté which is a lot more bitter than the Brazilian one. I thought I got a used to its taste but nah.... However, I found out that it taste quite nice as a Tereré (cold Maté) and then thought that with the caffeine content, it might be good for making Kombucha too!

So I did a trial and brewed 4 tablespoons of Argentinian Yerba Maté and one bag of regular black tea for each 5 L jar.

Brewing Yerba Maté Kombucha

As you can see, the color is lighter than when brewing Kombucha with regular black tea. The bottle on the left was started last weekend and it tastes quite good today. It has the signature taste of the Maté but not bitter thanks to the dilution and Kombucha fermentation.

Few more days to go before I will do the second fermentation with the first batch. I usually add cloudy apple juice but this time I will do a lemon, ginger and turmeric drink!

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What an interesting experiment. I tried to making it with green tea once but the kombucha got mould on it sadly. Every time I make about I forget about it and end up with a heap of Kombucha vinegar again haha. I really must be more organised. Nice flathead just wondering why you put it back!!

That’s why I added black tea to the Mate. If you use another tea you have to either mix with black tea or alternate every other batch. I successfully done it with green tea and rooibos. Also I always add about 2 or 3 cups of the kombucha from the previous batch into the newly made tea to inoculate and protect the new batch.

I also often forget that’s why I use GoogleHome or the phone alarm to set a 10 days timer to check the brew.

As for the flathead. I regularly do catch and release either because we have enough fish, not in the mood for fish or Im lazy to clean the fish.

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Isn't kombucha wonderful? Trying different teas to get special tastes

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It’s lovely especially in summer

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Do you do a secondary ferment?

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes, I do a 4 day secondary ferment.

Thanks for sharing:)

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