The #SupportHonesty Challenge

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Gina told me a couple of days ago that I should go take a look at a post by @tarazkp titled 'The #SupportHonesty Challenge'.

Reading around, this looks like something I can support in one way or another, having played a small part already in uncovering and taking action in what I consider abuse in relation to Steem.

Cats are cool with some people

  • In the past I have found comment farms and passed on numerous lists to those who can make things happen and will continue to do so.

  • I'll continue to downvote, normally with reasons for doing so:

  • I delegate a small amount of Steem Power to @steemflagrewards and occasionally offer my VP to their service

  • I'll continue to raise awareness around abuse and undeserved pending rewards:

  • I'll try to mostly produce content that I think is of value to the specific community, and will allow myself and off-day here

  • I'll continue to provide data and help with questions both on and off-chain

  • And, I'll try not to be a dick

Part of the request is to nominate a couple of people and so @smasssh, @flipstar, @meesterboom, @blewitt, @steemmatt, @cryptoandcoffee, @grumpycat, @misterdelegation, and @freedom, feel free :)



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it's a good thing! I'm glad people are doing it.


A friend of mine just made a new token.. future community.. So here!

Ooo thanks, more tokens :D

Good to know where people stand I think, and also nice to see some of the larger accounts stepping up.

yeah, my only concern is the blacklists are great, but a bit unfair as in a small account takes an action and is blacklisted while a larger one does not.

Still I think it is a good start and we should all think about our own community standards and what we will accept from others. :)

A whitelist has always made far more sense to me, and especially at present with the active community so small.

And yes, double standards based on SP held (witness vote size) are a bit annoying :)

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I can't let @tarazkp down with this challenge so mine will be posted #soon! Thanks for adding some ideas for me!

In your own time and no worries. I was close to plagiarising Taraz's :)

Looking forward to it.

Lol. I’m in. Outside of some nerdy posts I haven’t really delved much into anything else as of late. But I’m in. Thx for tagging and motivating (bothering) me.

Don't be a dick.

Can everyone just adopt that as a mantra? You couldnt be one if you tried ....

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You couldnt be one if you tried ....

I have met him.... ;D



I knew there would be another side to the story .. 😂😂

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Thanks :)

The main bullet point!

Looking forward to seeing the last three called' challenge posts.


I hear the cat is back, although a little slimmer than a year or so ago.

Thanks for nominating Asher. Am on a big job right, now that takes a lot of my time and energy, but will do my best to participate a.s.a.p.

No worries and no rush man, hope you are well :)

I appreciate your thoughtful nomination, but I'm honestly too defeated to post much about Steem these days. I'm at the end of my rope.

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@abh12345 genial el trabajo de hormiga que viene haciendo, demuestra un buen corazón, siempre que se tenga esa actitud no se puede ser estúpido al contrario se puede ser muy feliz saludos :)

Awesome. Now, at the risk of sounding ignorant, what is a comment farm?


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@abh12345, Your efforts are appreciable brother and hope that whatever efforts you are investing you will going to reap boosting rewards too because Community Development and Improvements is not a easy journey. Stay blessed brother.

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I only just got round to seeing this! Should like a good idea!

I only just got
Round to seeing this! Should like
A good idea!

                 - meesterboom

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