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in sunset •  9 months ago  (edited)

Long day yeasterday, sunset did give me a good finish of a productive day. happy steeming everyone
IMG_2264 (3).JPG

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near her.
♡ 🐲ℒℴve 🐉♡

dragon heart.png

CameraCanon EOS 77D
LensCanon EF S18-55mm f/4-5.6G
Location Sweden; somewere
OwnerAll Rights reserved,original content by @swedishdragon

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Love the music!! Beautiful.

aww, woohooo moore music :D Thanks hunny :D
woow, massive tip O.o Thank you so much, you dont need to do that, you got my attention ;)

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Sorry that my VP really low right now but I just really love this one and must vote for it!!

Hi hunny :D ohh, you muust care for you vp!!!! never let it go beneef 70%, as you per vote alwasy will lose 2% added to the vp% you choose ....
And think about your curations, to which you now will lose as your late to upv...
Im happy to help you with this, if you need/like :D

Aw its noo problem, im juust happy you like it :D

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts my lovely lady dragon!!
I'm fine for now, will rest for 2 days at least to let it go back up again. Don't worry about it! Most of the time I can't help myself and keep upvote to post that I like, oh well... hehe

You know were to find me if you need futher help :D
Ha ha you neeed to have your act working evrYYY day ;) LOL ok ok you sit there waiting on them % ;)
I knoow, i do stop my self and get all sad AS i didnet upv ;) LOL

I sure will! Work my arse I mean... hahaha. Love chatting with you!

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Nice sky!

Great photos!