Photos from this morning's sunrise

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I had to hurry, so these were taken with my cellphone, a
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
20190819_070800 edit.jpg
Same image, slightly edited for color and contrast.
Raw image
20190819_070809 edit.jpg
Slightly edited
20190819_070850 edit.jpg
So for almost two weeks now, I've been held up in my attempt to get
Moved out of this tower; there has been a change in property MANAGER,
Which I was not aware of (I doubt anyone in the building knows
unless they too, have had reason to be involved with the office, like me)

All I need from them is proof for the new landlord that I have never been
Late with my rent (I haven't)
The new manager splits her time between here
And another tower about a mile up the same street, even closer to downtown.
I was told this morning that it too, is going through renovations
(judging by the images and reviews I saw online, it was badly needed)

So atm, I am basically homeless, having given my notice HERE that I am
moving but not having approval THERE, to begin the process of moving.

I'll have to establish a new account with a new Internet Provider, possibly
using them for my mobile as well, like I do now with xfinity, and I'll have
to reopen my Ga Power account.

None of this can be done until I get this paperwork from here submitted.

I'm glad I'm not TRULY homeless, having been there before, but it
makes me feel very insecure and depressed.
Prayers and kind thoughts are appreciated.

"Sunrise with Love"

Jerry E Smith
All images are original

These .gifs were created for me by @coquiunlimited; many thanks

This .gif was created by @elgeko

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Beautiful evening skies @jerrytsuseer You have quite a view there. I do hoe that you will not feel unsettled for too long. We have been in that unenviable situation before and it is very challenging. I pray that before too long you will have this challenge behind you. All the very best my friend. 🌷 🌻 🌷

Thank you very much @trudeehunter, I can't wait to get out of here. I hate moving, but
I hate all the crap I have to live with here as well. I too, hope this transition is smooth,
Smoother than the last one for sure, and even though I'll be paying a LOT more in
Rent, it will be worth it to have a more placid, quiet (I hope) and safe place.

Beautiful start to the day...
Awww, sorry about the home situation, prayers and thoughts going your way.... 🙏🏼

I commented in another place a few days ago, that I was still considering
Relocation to Malaysia, and I would like to count on your input and
Guidance, but I never saw a reply. I don't mean to impose,
And no decision of this sort will be made for a year.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting @ackhoo