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If this isn't a Sublime place, I don't know what is....

20200821_140507 2.jpg

I'm at the Fire Island Wilderness Visitor Center....Near Shirley, L.I. NY...

This is the most eastern part of the "Fire Island National Seashore"...It is part of the 32 miles / 50 km long island and between 520 and 1,310 feet (160 and 400 m) wide...

map ... from ... images

I'm standing on an observation tower looking west over the wilderness area...Looking down the Island with the Atlantic ocean on the left and the Great South Bay to the right...

20200821_140601 2.jpg

The Island is in constant change through the seasons..It use to be a continuous Island but hurricane Sandy breached an opening a mile and a half down the beach...

Now it is a non navigable inlet to the bay...making Fire Island two islands..

My plan was to walk to the inlet and back... It's the only way to see it other than a boat...

From the observation tower there is a nice trek boardwalk that takes you through the inner dunes and out to the beach...

20200821_140530 2.jpg

20200821_140554 2.jpg

One last look before I go...

20200821_142111 2.jpg

20200821_142221 2.jpg

The walk ends on a rise with a walk through the sand dunes till you see the ocean...

20200821_142239 2.jpg

Looking back to the tower from where I started

20200821_142321 2.jpg

20200821_142437 2.jpg

20200821_143523 2.jpg

Finally down to the beach where my walk really begins...It was a perfect day having thin clouds blocking the harsh sun so I wouldn't burn to much...

20200821_143516 2.jpg

It was low tide with lots of different shore birds finding food, whatever that maybe in the exposed sand...


My first time this year at the ocean, and what a Sublime day it was...

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#SublimeSunday by @c0ff33a while #BeautifulSunday by @ace108


That looks sublime indeed! I haven't been to the beach at all this year. I'm glad you got to go so I can enjoy it vicariously. That's really interesting about the island being cut in two.

Good to hear from you @goat-girlz ... Yeah was a great day down by the beach...took over 100 pictures with camera & cell phone...Got to see If I can get back there agin this summer. Got to walk in the surf on the way back from the inlet... 😊

Are you okay?! No posts!

Hope you are very well! Stay away from COVID!

I'm okay. I will get around to posting one of these days. I've been very busy the last few months. I'm not too worried about the virus. I'm getting a little weary of the panic, truth be told.

Quite agreed with you! The authority uses this as a tool to manipulate people and increase control! This cab be easily cured within the first week of being infected. Here we have local herbal medicine that actually kills the virus!

Wow! Very beautiful and isolated walk! Love it!

Boardwalk was alone but people scattered along the beach..

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Nice place to be at these times away from it all nice one 👍

Plenty of exercise and fresh air for sure...😊

Looks that way good one 👍