Stay Near Me Do Not Fly Away

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Hello @joanstewart. What lovely pictures of nature and birds. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for a reassuring words for the moment at hand.

Taking time in nature alleviates the pressure of our circumstance, as within nature everything is one day at a time.

This is a very comforting post and comment. So true. The earth will keep turning round and find a way to heal us. We can get in on the healing by taking moments to watch and wonder the miracles of nature. Very nice post. Thank you

We are surrounded by beauty in nature, find comfort in remaining positive, it is normally in the company we keep.

That dog is in action. It obviously interprets how our witnesses are at alert now.

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Hopefully a good sign! No time to pontificate, staying positive in the meantime.

Hopefully a good sign! No time to pontificate, staying positive in the meantime.

This heat is just awful at the moment, can't wait for winter to arrive! Lovely photos, I was also looking at the butterflies flocking around the duranta, they just love it:)

Won't discuss the hot wet blanket affect ha ha, duranta is supposedly one of the alien plants here, I have had this one for years and never seen it procreate in the area.

Apparently raw yellow berries are poisonous, if they turn black they are edible, never tried so it's FYI only.

That's interesting about the berries! They're still beautiful, I also love Crotons and have quite a number in my garden even though they're also not indigenous;)

So many plants are not indigenous it would be difficult to alter an established garden with updated lists that come through.

A beautiful break in the unease around Steem. Thanks :-)

New ideas have come and gone, Tsu the first, I believe they are considering reopening again..

No more moving now with Steem and I have confidence in our Witnesses to do right by the content creators here.

Sooner or later everything becomes clear. Reasonable people know that if they can't go one way, they should find the other.

We are so lucky to have such brilliant witnesses! Great photos for #featheredfriends! !Tip

I totally support many excellent people here on Steem platform, really will be a waiting game Melinda. Thanks for visiting, comments and tip.

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I agree with you. I see hysteria and then I see levelheadedness. I'm on the level-headed side.

Great shots of the butterfly, and of the birds too! The saying about working in the heat - that's always my thinking in the summer when it's time to mow the lawn. :)

It's out of the hands of the content creators, rely and trust those who have been moving the platform forward thus far.

Oh being up early during hot season is the only way to get anything done LOL!

Such beautiful shots, so much talk about the Tron and Steem, will be interesting to see how it all plays out inthe long run

We have evolved into a very different community of members, resolution in the next couple of weeks will be interesting to see.

Ohh yes for sure the next few weeks will be very interesting without a doubt

I enjoyed this great reading too much. I congratulate you on the way you relate to your surroundings, you make one move the site and feel everything that is happening there. I loved the atmosphere, your lines, the photographs, what a beautiful publication. We should always hope that things will get better instead of anticipating pessimism and chaos, I agree with your final sentence. Fascinated to read you, dear @joanstewart. Following you from now on. A hug from Venezuela to you.

PS: I thought that it was only in my country that there were blackouts, I was surprised by that detail.

So glad to meet you @marybellrg our country, well it has changed drastically over the past decade. Rolling black-outs have been happening since 2008 and no end in sight to them fixing, this morning we had no water and I believe some areas are sitting for months without water so I won't complain.

With hope we have something, being negative brings despair I don't have to look far to see suffering of people, so I remain hopeful for change soon.

The hope is the most beautiful thing we can have, that no one can ever take it away. Thank you for commenting and being so kind, I love reading you, I hug you from here, dear @joanstewart

I need to get out and smell the flowers next weekend. Been stuck home too many weekends.

Very convenient having a small garden to escape into every couple of hours in the day, never short change yourself on time away from a desk.

Great photos of the butterflies and birds Joan. Love the first one of the dog looking airborne. 😂

I think we are all anxious to see how the joining with TRON will affect us. I was on the TSU site when it went dark suddenly but I have high hopes we will all survive and prosper on this one.

Woody is a character he has a thing about nudging butterflies as they pass him as well.

I'm staying positive we have wonderful people here.

wow beautiful photographs my friend.

Thanks so much, never enough hours in a day to visit everyone, your photography is taken in a beautiful region, always enjoy seeing!

Great pics!
Now I want to leave home and go to the woods!😀

Anywhere in nature suits me fine, have a great day and thanks for visiting.

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Thank you for kind visit @theluvbug so much to do, so little time.

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Thank you for featuring my post today, appreciated it @steemitbloggers

Beautiful shots!

Thanks @almi appreciate the visit.

There are still some snow in some posts that I see. It is refreshing seeing flowers, butterflies and birds. Have and amazing day.

Soon you will enjoy the flowers of spring, something I miss living sub-tropical is seeing the change you have in colder climates.

It really looks like a wonderful day. Enjoy!

Thanks will do, and I hope your day is marvelous as well.

Vengo de una tierra donde no se marcan las 4 estaciones. Parece verano todo el tiempo y temperaturas que oscilan los 40 grados centígrados. Aquí en Chile, estamos a mitad del verano, pero es frío en las mañanas y sube la temperatura durante el día. Mi esposa se queja, no le gusta el frío; A mí no me gusta el calor, Lol.

Lo más importante es disfrutar la vida a pesar de las circunstancias por las que estemos atravesando.

I come from a land where the 4 seasons are not marked. It seems summer all the time and temperatures that oscillate 40 degrees Celsius. Here in Chile, we are in the middle of summer, but it is cold in the morning and the temperature rises during the day. My wife complains, she doesn't like the cold; I don't like heat, Lol.

The most important thing is to enjoy life despite the circumstances we are going through.

Warm here all round, just wish it cooled during the night so that one could sleep comfortably. Thanks for visiting it is appreciated.

Google translator: Cálido aquí durante todo el año, solo desearía que se enfriara durante la noche para poder dormir cómodamente. Gracias por visitarlo se agradece.

Beautiful pictures. You got some really good shots at these birds. My fondest childhood memories involve butterflies. We had tons, of all kinds. In the town i live now we do not enjoy such a spectacle

Suburbs still have a lot of nature, sadly we are losing a lot with development taking place. Over the past 20 years slowly growing a garden friendly to all that are able to remain in suburban lifestyle.

Up well before 🌄 (here) @joanstewart, stopping by to read your post. Very nice work! I agree with this …

”Jumping in, let's give our Witnesses time to find the right footing, very capable technical staff will overcome initial shock to start assessing this situation.”

”Steem footnote: We have strong Communities on Steem blockchain, Witnesses and Technical People taking care of matters, not to panic just yet, Everyone needs a little more time to settle down.”

… as I briefly (unusual for me … 😉) decided to capture my own thoughts in a post last night. I am taking a "wait and see" attitude. So ... Having originally chosen not to invest more than I am prepared to lose, we'll see soon enough what Mr. Sun has in mind with his latest acquisition. I'll go from there ...

Sandwiched in between, you have captured some beautiful shots. Flowers and bird are both favorites of mine. Your pictures clearly indicate you are on the other side of the world from me, since we had snow last night. Adding to that already on the ground ... Spring, my favorite time of the year, is still a ways off in the future …

Have a great day (evening)!

Ha ha @roleerob I think many here are seasoned to upsets and changes happening like this, yes patience in a waiting game!

I never invest more than I can afford, or as in other ventures lose, this technology unfortunately attracted a balance of good/bad, some give some take.

Everything on wings moves early morning and late afternoons being midsummer at the moment, down south and over the pond. We are looking forward to our extremely mild winter conditions when one can enjoy the whole day.

Greetings and have a wonderful day, well yes evening now.

Love the post.. feel the heat from that last picture. "Thick as pea soup" says it well. We are still in winter here and although I look forward to warmer weather, I dread the humidity that will surely follow.

On another note.. Man! You are getting hammered with those stupid down vote bots.. 25 on this post alone! So annoying.

Thankfully the rains have arrived, cool for a day or two then back into the heat, at least it is a short reprieve. Garden in smiling!

Oh the down vote bots have lingered for such a long time now I checked in the beginning, all on 25 rep, none have ever posted, it's annoying!

I run out of ducks and doves here, but wow you can do sp many blogs about the diversity in the nature at your side of the world

Summer is coming, soon you will have all types of insects arrive to photograph again I am sure.

Those are some great pictures! I love butterflies and birds, too. I wish I could fly.

You're absolutely right about not panicking. There is so much unknown yet. There'll be time to panic later. 😂

It would be fun to be able to fly all on ones own, perhaps one day we will evolve....

Always in life it is one day at a time, wait and see what the future brings no use getting worked up yet.

Nature is so beautiful @joanstewart :) The migration of these beautiful butterflies never ceases to amaze me!

Some areas experience them arriving in big clouds of white, that must be something to see! I noticed them coming into the garden around thirty spread over the bush at one point in time.

Your photos are amazing @joanstewart 💕


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Thanks Bruni, appreciate your visiting.

Some lovely nature shots here my friend.
We ran outside at 7pm here to catch the first clouds on the mountains, as the weatherman states that it will start raining here at midnight.
So very much needed to break the heat for a little while Lol.

No real promise of rain before late Tuesday for us, enjoy it!

Wishing you a great proactive week.

Thank you Lady Joan and not real rain, as only fairy rain this morning. Gone now and tomorrow it's back into the 30s.
Hope you also have a good week my friend.

Hopefully we get the rain they say is arriving, cooler this morning, now wait and see....

Hahaha, by now you will know that you have had rain or not my friend.

Had the rain, now back into a stinking sauna! Short lived, Oh winter please come soon....

Hahaha, February is known as a difficult month as far as heat is concerned, but at least you don't have to pay sauna fees my friend. Consider it a bargain Lol.

Beautiful photography, @joanstewart! I really love the purples in those first few pictures.

That bush (small tree) offers flowers on and off throughout the year, timing was perfect with arrival of butterflies, nature gives abundantly.

I'm not panicking! I'll keep steeming on with a positive outlook thinking it could be a good thing with all Mr. Sun can bring!

Lovely photo of your dog chasing butterflies!
Amazing that you get clouds of butterflies! they are so beautiful!
Sorry to hear about your brown outs - for how long of period is the power out for? I image the homes would get pretty hot with no air conditioning or even fans in that heat!

Butterflies arriving in great numbers is spectacular, Woody tends to roam the garden checking everything that moves. We have to have the odd chat about him becoming excitable with mongoose or monkeys going through, but butterflies play dodgems with him.

Rolling black-outs, some cities are 4 hours, ours is 2.5 hour periods, depending what stage, this may happen a couple of times a day. Very annoying when this country was referred to as "first world", now the grand backslide status into third world, with finance going into junk status.

Not only is it hot, tempers are frayed, at least we are being notified more accurately by mobile apps of late.

Oh that must be very frustrating and heart wrenching to see your country slide like that!
Thank goodness for technology for making it easier to manage with being notified!
Take care and try to stay cool!

Howdy joanstewart! YOu mean the drought is over in your area? I sure hope so, the whole place will bloom!

Drought still very real in certain areas, our particular region has a little reprieve.

Enough rain to allow nature to wake up again!

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April/May we will start to enter cooler months and nicest time of the year here.