Street Art From Around Town

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It seems that if you stand still for long enough my local council will have you transformed into a work of art.

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You can't walk anywhere in the town where I live without coming across some top-class street art and I do hope this trend continues. Wherever there's a bland canvas you can be sure to hear a rattling spray-can and thankfully it's not just some Joe Blogs happy-tagger either. It seems that someone has decided to pull the proverbial rod out of the councils butt-hole and spend some cash, employing some of the worlds best street artists around to do their thang!

Today I decided to take my camera on a tour around town, all so I could write out this post and share the aerosol goodness with you all... ENJOY!!






Hope you have all enjoyed my post and I'll see you back here soon!


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Is that in Beeston or Nottingham? Amazing :)
I found out this year that we have a street art festival in Leicester, some amazing graffiti by visiting world-class artists.
Which camera are you using these days?

It’s all from Beeston and I even missed a few out. My favourite is the butterfly lady. It was great to watch them work too, I’d love a talent like that.
The pics were all taken on my Olympus e3. It’s a bit complicated but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

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That is some classy artwork over your way.

Most of the graffiti round here revolves around badly drawn items of male anatomy and words that begin with f and end with k...

Haha! We still have a few of those about too.

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