4th Daily Quest and a 1st

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Good day out there in the Steem-verse. Welcome to my fourth post on my Daily Quest over at Steem Monsters!! I reached my goal of Silver 1 and am now pushing toward gold 3! I might not make it but it will be a good bit of fun trying! So on my next quest I gained two more cards!

steem monsters.jpg

rewards cards 4.png

Apparently, I attract Rusty Androids like honey to a bear!! I also gained my very first Rare Card the Hobgoblin! I will be leveling up my Rusty Android and trying to get to any Gold level I can. A huge thank you to @senstless because of his help I have been doing well!! I know that I have not posted about metals for a few days, but I have returned to work from having the baby and have been swamped. I am going to try and bust out a ton of post on my days off.

Thank you guys for checking out my content and please remember to upvote, resteem, and reply!!

Precious thanks to @silversaver888

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Please make sure to check out PAL tokens and take part in an idea that I think will help steems value!
Check out my post HERE in order to get tokens!


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Arrh, ye back to thy Steem monsters again, carry on sir.

Indeed my pirate sis! Will be trying to show off some silver loot soon! The duties on the Silver Wing are keeping me entangled currently. Thanks for uour support!!

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Hey, nice work. I used hobgoblin a ton with fire and melee from anywhere in the lower levels.

The tag for splinterlands is spt, might have just been a typo. I am also using battle and nexion along with palnet on my posts, just a few other tags to consider.

Keep it up, you will really start to see some.growth soon. Let me know what else would help. If you get level 2+ summoners I can delegate other non gold reward cards

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Thanks a ton fixed the tag. I currently have a dead and a water level 2 summoner. I will keep those tags in mind for sure! Thank you again!!

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OMG - I had this long reply typed and I touched off screen in steempeak and lost it all.

To get the SCOT tokens you have to have the correct tag in the post when it initially posts. No big deal, I have missed a ton the past few weeks due to typos and jazz.

Ok - to help you grow here are some resources you might want to look into. Jonny is a great guy who is focused on helping smaller accounts on STEEM / Splinterlands grows. He is true madman because he is running more accounts than I am!

The upvote service is great, It only costs 20 DEC and gives you a $0.04 upvote with a bunch of PAL, SPT, BATTLE staked to help grow those holdings too.

Check it out, your at the level where a few cards can get you to level 2-3+ commons. I am now at a point where I need 172bcx to get to my needed level. Its going to be a while!

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Thank you for this @senstless! I really appreciate your kind words and yes it does take a special kind of crazy to have your hands in so many things at once but I do it because I love it and it keeps me busy and constantly thinking. 😊

Has happened to me many times brother! I will check him out and see what it's all about! Thanks for all your help!!

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Do you think I should start gaming, @dwingsworld? Where do you find the time, LOL!!! Will I ever understand how to play them. Maybe I will limit myself to just getting the cards.

You can my friend. I am playing it by ear and it has been some fun. If you are in a hurry you can fast forward the battle so that does save time. If you have questions let me know. Ypu could also build your deck and sell some cards for a profit. Thanks for all of your support!!

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