Adventure in the jungle to locate the Lost City of Gold, Will our Hero survive and complete the quest with villains on their tails?

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Eyes of our explorer slowly open after few hour of rest at the lobby of a Guest House.

The Chief Marc had done it again, knocked me out so Hunter would not know what was happening. Hunter head was clanging like a street car with brakes burned out. He felt like a hundred people were marching between his ears. When he woke up we were in a place with nice curtains and big green parrots in the lobby. He had no idea where they were.

The hotel employees were buzzing all around us. Hunter was lying on a couch. Chief Marc was telling one fellow to carry his bags up, directing another to bring him some food. He had to admit, he was glad. He was there under the protection of somebody who seemed to be so important. Everyone was so congenial, like they were really pleased to have us at their hotel. Yet Chief Marc still had that unhappy look on his face like he was in a depressed state, even though we were about to initiate one of the most important and dangerous expeditions of their lives.

Chief Marc: How are you feeling, Hunter X
Hunter X: I'm feeling like I'm tired of you asking me how I'm feeling.

Chief Marc: I apologise. It's really too bad I had to put you to sleep again my friend. As we were landing, you could see the most awesome view of a volcano.

Hunter X: You ought to see the volcano that's erupting inside my head right now.

Chief Marc: I am really sorry you are in such a deplorable state but can I offer you something for your headache?

Hunter X: Nothing personal, but I'd rather you didn't give me anything anymore.

Chief Marc: I don't plan to knock you out again, Hunter X. I need you awake. If I am not mistaken I have seen our counterpart on this mission and some of his accomplices lurking at the airport.

The adventure in the jungle finally began on the path printed on the old map that has the unique description of the possible location where the treasure was buried centuries ago.

Chief Marc: Is anybody following us?
Hunter X: There was a Motorbike back there at the crossroads, but I think I lost him.

Chief Marc: Turn left in 1.3 miles
Hunter X: I made a sharp turn into the jungle at 1.3 miles exactly.

There wasn't even a road there, just a hole between the trees.

Chief Marc: Turn right here.

We drove through a waterfall. Hunter X had turn on the windshield wipers. he was worried about the parakeets dispersed few meters back. Anybody could have seen them a mile away.

Chief Marc: Pull over at the cafe
An old man saw our adventurers arriving, got up and went to find his colleague. We were expected in the village.

Hunter X: I was surprised that old guy could see this far. He looks senile to me.

Chief Marc: That old man is 124 years old. Most people are senile by the time they get to be that old, they forget things and are too weak to take care of themselves. But despite his longevity, that hold man is very wise. He is considered the great Sage of this village and he is much revered by the villages for his great wisdom.

Hunter X: Somebody else is watching us from the cafe window. I'm going to get my gun.

Chief Marc: You won't need your gun. These people are my friends.

The old man associate came to the place our car was parked and offered us a cup of locally made tea.

Hunter X: I'm not so sure about drinking this tea. Every time I imbibe something with you, Chief I go to sleep in the worst way.

Chief Marc: This tea is quite harmless. In fact, it's the opposite. It comes from a plant that grows only in this part of the jungle. The people here claim it is the source of their great longevity.

Chief Marc: The women of the village harvest a tea at night and store the harvest in a secret storage bin hidden in the jungle. That way nobody knows where the crop is hidden.
If the secret ever gets out, the whole world which has been seeking the fountain of youth since the Dawn of time, will descend on this tiny village and obliterate the crops by taking all of it at once. They will be wiped out. Then it will benefit no one. Neither the villagers nor the human race. It would be to the detriment of everybody.

Hunter X: Tell him, I'm not interested in the tea. I'm after the gold. The lost city of Gold.

Chief Marc: That's the problem Hunter. The lost city of gold, if the map is correct, is situated directly beneath the sacred crops of this village. If our host knew the truth, it would be far less congenial.

Hunter X: He doesn't know.

Chief Marc: I don't think so.
Hunter X: Doesn't he know where the gold on his necklace came from?

Chief Marc: There is a legend in the jungle that says the lost city of Gold lies deep within the volcano.

Hunter X: You mean the volcano that I didn't see because you knocked me out.

Chief Marc: That's right. A few years ago, there was an eruption, and small pieces of gold were found on the field of culture around the village

Hunter X: If he finds out the truth, do you think he'll let us dig in his field?

Chief Marc: I am hoping to convince our host and the rest of the village that it is possible to dig without obliterating the crops. When they think about digging it brings back painful memories from war and human trafficking in the region supervised by our evil opponent.

Hunter X: You are evoking the great conflagration that drove an entire culture from their jungle home and made them nomads.

Chief Marc: It won't be easy to convince them that we won't do the same.

Hunter X: Just tell him how rich he's going to be.

Chief Marc: I am afraid that will have no effect.
Hunter X: And you better tell them that it's going to be us doing the digging, or it's going to be the Villain from their worst nightmare.





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