The Guy Who Believed Reptilian Alien Politicians Were Real Then Joined A Cult

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I saw a recent video by the band 3teeth called President X and it reminded me of a story from about 10 years ago. A young guy we knew hung out with a bunch of guys consuming bad drugs and being stupid. This man became paranoid and troubled yet his so called friends didn't stop him from doing the drugs. Later he got more and more paranoid while watching conspiracy videos on the internet.

He was watching videos on youtube about reptilian alien politicians. He was so spooked and troubled he began to believe the conspiracy theory was absolutely real!! For me I know the reptilian alien conspiracy is a metaphor from our culture. It symbolizes alienation from ourselves and our culture. The politicians on t.v. are a fake and alien presence. You can see how it becomes part of the collective human psyche as a metaphor for our times. Conspiracy theorists literalize this, artists turn it back to its metaphoric symbol.

So this guy got spooked from the drugs and alienated from his friends and culture so he took off to the States from Canada to join a Christian cult down there in search for a girl on the internet who hooked him into the program. He never was the same. It pisses me off about his friends how they didn't try to stop him or try to help him.. they just treated him like a loon instead of trying to understand him. Sad.

I'm really glad 3teeth reminded me of this and got me to again think of the story. Their video of President X goes right along with it! They are telling the story by the song and video that no matter what president is chosen to run the country it is rigged. Just back and forth from the left and right in a 2 party system. A few policies changed then the next elected representative undos the new laws, then they are replaced again. And it goes back and forth and nothing changes. It is a gross freaky situation!! The president might as well be a reptilian alien!!

Here is the video. I like it allot. Been watching it allot lately.

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The establishment has the power, not the elected officials. If the elected official challenged the establishment, there is trouble.

thanks for your excellent preview . keep it up . good luck