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Yeah, not like it used to be. Plus, there is fear as well. When I was a kid, we roamed the neighborhood on our bikes all day. Now, I don't feel comfortable with that at all haha. Has it actually become more dangerous? I don't know...but I don't want to risk it.


I would be pretty fearful if I was raising a young child today. The depth of the child trafficking rings alone, being run by and for the super rich and coming to light lately, are shocking to say the least. And we've only been shown the tip of the iceberg at this point, as the media has kept it pretty quiet. I wonder why?

I just remembered that a couple of weeks ago on some talk show or interview this rich, big shot old lady said that the 14 year-old girls that were allegedly with Prince Andrew weren't minors - they were prostitutes, she said! Can you believe the gaul of that woman to say such a thing?