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Most people shy away from doing things that could be interpreted as evil, with evil being anything they are afraid of, and/or any thought or action that they were taught is wrong to evenconsider, let alone pursue. This is foolishness of such proportion that I define those humans who have bought into this theme, weaklings.

It takes someone like me, the alpha male of all alpha males to decide what life shall be like for all of you below me. I take no prisoners, but prisoners are the only thing I will not take.

I hold no political office, yet I fully control many of those who do.

You know, I actually aided the Nazis and betrayed the Jews. Yep. It was one of the most thrilling and enjoyable things I’ve ever done. Maybe that’s got something to do with why I am the villain that I am.

But what came first again? Was it the chicken or was it the egg?


I am excessively wealthy and I have more of everything than you; far more than you could ever dream of having. And do you know what else I have in abundance that you will never have? If you answer, “power,” be sure to give yourself a gold star for being a smart little student.

For you have identified the Puppet Master.

However, it’s likely even you will become one of those nameless, faceless oafs I consume daily, and whose crushed bones I then spit into the wind.

My power to control resides, not in my own physical means of controlling my foes through force, but through exploitation of the gullibility of your typical human; the most abundant of the species and those with the most innocent, trusting and optimistic natures; or, as I like to say, the weakest of the weak.

The easiest thing I’ve ever done to increase the spread of my suppressive web over these poor excuses for humans, was to convince everyone of my philanthropy. It doesn’t hurt when you have many (puppets) that you control in high places and respected positions to laud you and confirm your greatness and your (ahem) “unyielding” empathy for your fellow human beings.

Many ultra-rich and famous people launder money through “foundations.” I literally taught all of them how to do that. Hold your applause please; no thanks are necessary.


Laundering money is a thing you can do when you are very rich but you want to get as much money as you can possibly get anyway, no matter what. In my view, a never-ending thirst for more and more money is what defines a really great human being. They will always be subordinate to me however.

There are double-standards in law enforcement you say? Well, you can thank me! I’m constantly seeing to it that the divide in standards will only widen and get worse. Ordinary lemmings have no business enjoying or even potentially enjoying the same things I do after all… that’s why I work night and day to make life hell for the plebes.

Those who follow me, defend me and yes, love me, have a slight advantage over their counterparts who speak poorly of me, call me names and accuse me of things I actually do, but for which I won’t be charged. But alas; in time, I will even enjoy seeing my followers condemned to the same fate as my detractors.

I will make the double-standard go away. There will be one standard. If you are anyone who isn’t part of my inner circle, the code of justice will be strict and harsh, for you will be slaves, and you will be punished severely. I and those in my inner circle are absolutely immune to any and all charges.

I will, however, charge and execute anyone in the inner circle that fails me. You are warned.

Attempts at making a charge against me or my inner circle will result in your swift execution.


I know that, in reality, I am the most hated man on earth. Of this, I am proud. I have wreaked havoc on the free world for many years. I use my wealth to wreck economies and buy new puppets to do my will. I and my mini-me have done a hundred illegal transactions in the past hour. I am hailed by puppets I have put in power as a “great man” and “philanthropist.”

This support is enhanced through sub-puppets of puppets, who also sing praises of my philanthropy, and it’s all due to my invention; my little “foundation,” which many of my underlings have adopted now themselves, also to launder money mainly, which will aid me toward humanity’s return to the feudal system, with yours truly as your eminent, villainous ruler for life.

There will then be only one set of laws - the laws that I write.

Remember; I am alive and I am hard at work. Your future will not be good; I guarantee. I am coming for you, and when I pounce, you won’t even be expecting your swift demotion to the serf class, as I restore the feudal system worldwide. Nothing can save you from my plans… NOTHING!

Now quickly watch short 8 second video below to properly end the story.

Malefactor © free-reign 2019


Sources for images used in this post:

Scared Little Girl: Image by Pezibear from Pixabay
Puppet Master: Image by Alex Yomare from Pixabay
Foundation Construction: Image by Elmer Romero from Pixabay
Peeking Lady Justice: Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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Hello Hello!

Interesting article, made me understand something important ... I really congratulate you on your level of compression

Greetings from Venezuela ♡

Thank you for stopping by to read, and I'm glad it helped with your understanding. That's a good thing! :)

Spooky, and to the point, sounds ominous and yet such things do go on...

Spooky, and to the
Point, sounds ominous and yet
Such things do go on...

                 - wales

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Indeed they do. Thanks for reading!

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Hi @free-reign. Good story. Good reflection. I was terrified

Thanks for reading and your nice comments. I hope you weren't so terrified that couldn't sleep or anything like that!

Well, you also must be very old if you aided the Nazi and betrayed the Jews :D :D :D :D

Great story!

Thank you for sharing!

Aye, I am very old, but I have a mini-me to take over when I take leave of planet earth to reside in my own comfy forever home... Hell!

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Ok, my first thought was: "Is it, Jesus." then the term Capital Canabilist came to mind. Not sure if either is relevant though. I think the scale of what you are writing about is more progression than say a plan that was drafted and is only on step 200 out of 1000. It is also one of the ages that are yet to see a revolution, at this point, the entire system is almost perfected and as much as I think we can do with only half or fewer humans I think those at the top have the same in mind but obviously you have to mould the society that is left so each generation would be more obedient than the last, they will take care of their own excess. Ok well, that might be what I would do if I was sitting cosy and could have fun.

congrats on the curie ;)

LOL, I guess you figured it wasn't Jesus pretty quickly. I'm not familiar with the Capital Canabilist term.

I believe you are correct that there is no step-by-step plan being carried out, but I would say there is definitely a plan of some sort being followed, with a specific goal in mind.

I believe it is being carried out according to where on the timeline they find themselves at any moment. His decisions therefore are dependent upon what's happening in the world to an extent. A world in which he already has some global, behind-the-scenes type power.

Since he can't yet completely control the timeline, he can't make the final move, so he doesn't know when, or even if he'll ever be able to make that final move. But he's out there, evil as ever, rest assured.

Howdy sir free-reign! Such an accurate portrayal of the devil and the way he works, well done sir! This WAS about the devil right? lol.

Hey Jonboy, thanks for dropping by! I will say this: He is a devil, but he's not the "head" devil. He's just an underling devil, but even they can make a big mess!

This particular devil exists in the form of a man that is still alive on planet earth. There are some clues in the story that can definitely identify him if you feel like doing some sleuthing. :)

Oh so this was written as a type of riddle for the reader to figure out who the man is, that is very clever sir free-reign!

Sounds like you might being be describing George Soros, then again I could be wrong.