The story so far ...

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😂 why??? At least he didn’t lose his keys and asked to rollback the chain...

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Correct. On Golos, users are afflicted with an amusing juxtaposition of the aforementioned situation.

i feel like ned got played. that fork was never going to happen. the worst thing that could have happened is his reaction to the empty threat.

I seem to recall something like this happening on Breaking Bad.

money barrels.jpg

No seriously though this exact thing happened in Breaking Bad.

I'm going to dig up your barrels of money and light them on fire!

Oh no! Let me drive to my money barrels buried in the desert to stop you!

Just kidding, I didn't know where the money was buried. Thanks for leading me too it.



Got his attention tho

If it wouldn't be so sad, it would be twice as hilarious.

The truth is always clearer in meme format. Cheers!

Thank you for summing this up so accurately and hilariously. This has to be a palm-face moment to see top witnesses going around now, a week late, saying they were against this the whole time. Oh really? Then why didn't they say so immediately, and categorically reject this talk the second it came up?

 3 years ago 

On the flip side, many of us did. I can say that not only have I spoken honestly, loudly, and openly since I saw the PR, I made the assumption that discussing it on chain was not required, and frankly, more likely to spread FUD/misconstrue my personal beliefs by legitimizing my handwave inclusion in consensus maliciousness just because it's easy to lump a whole group together.

Fuck me, right? :/

I can only wish that every top 20 witness had as much common sense as you and yer witness partner Crim. Instead we had top witnesses meeting more or less in public (no, 60+ eyes in a group chat doesn't count as "private" LOL) and actually discussing this like it was a real possibility. I honestly feel that any witness who didn't categorically reject this proposal immediately, has no business being a witness.

 3 years ago 

Everybody makes mistakes. Personally, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and let them chime in on the blockchain whenever they feel like it. But I do not expect Steemit, Inc. to have the same threshold.

well said, and again nailing the situation perfectly

Mahahaha that is hilarious :D I love that show and I love what is happening right now on the blockchain. So much energy, so much momentum in every corner of that blockchain - so much visions, ideas and finally executes. No matter what @ned will do - it is much fun and excitement these days.

 3 years ago 

You are my new "meme on the fly" - hero!

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If ned will power down all steem then what can haplen he can sale it on exchange or something and STEEM price will be below .0.03$?

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Yeah probably.. but with the price also the influence of steemit Inc. on the blockchain will go down more and more. The power will become more decentralised than ever before.

It is not just the network and storage - also the power/influence can be decentralised what is in my personal opinion the main plus for decentralised social networks. I am not here because of steem as currency (of course it would be cool to pay my coffee with posts) - I am here to be involved and to have the chance of gaining influence.

I think it would be much healthier for the whole steem blockchain if @ned would power down all of his steem and I would risk a lower steem price for that. The price will raise up on long term because this would be real decentralisation what is a huge promotion aspect for investors and believers.
If all the smart people here on the blockchain would develop and decide what is good for the blockchain instead of steemit Inc we can have much more success on the crypto market.

But: This will probably never happen because steemit Inc wants to hold their pole position in the influence game.

That is such a good clarification my friend let me understand how it can be good for long run and power can be more decentralization then ever so we all as a STEEM user will be get it distributed power so helps to grow healthy of this STEEM platform . Thank you and i believe how clear vision you have related to this . Good one.

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 3 years ago 

(psst ... "buy wall" is a misnomer ... because unlike real walls, they move)

I’m laughing so hard 😂😂😂

Lol. This is pure genius. I just cannot stop laughing. 10/10.

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So it seems that they all reached a consensus to fuck us all :)

Enjoy your ned and don't forget to recommend nedcore!

God that is funny.

So artistic, sublime and poignant.

Thats tough situation.😕

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Its been a time , I laughed this a lot ! Thanks memelord.

Waiting for the statement from @ned.

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ROFL, good old Paul Sr.

Magnifique Bravo 👏 finally something more entertaining than flagwars is happening

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Damn, wish I could upvote multiple times :D

the steem price seems to five a f*ck

I just died 🤣

Wow, I really need this. Hope everyone can have a sense of humor when looking at the ups and downs of this unpredictably strange hobby/investment.


Are they now swearing their allegiance to steemit to get their witness votes?
Looks like.
Timing is just to perfect.

Steem ist still centralised

Well played, @inertia. Well played. :)

The best thing about this, I don't have to read everyone else's posts. :)

Okay, I've already been doing that, and probably will still do it, but hey, it's nice to have options. Next time I'll know to look for the meme version. :)

Shits Funny 🤣😂

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LOLZ! Nice job.

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Its not the powerdown I am worried, its his competence to lead steem blockchain technically and professionally!

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