STEMGeeks 250 STEM Gadget Contest - Only 4 days left!

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Want to win 250 STEM?

Only 4 days left to make an entry into the STEMGeeks Gadget Contest

Check out the original post above to see the rules and how to enter. We made a slight change this contest and you can create one entry a day instead of one for the entire contest.

So far we only have one entry!

You can write about any gadget you own or know a lot about. Come to STEMGeeks and tell everyone why yours is the best!


I’m going to put in an entry.

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Maybe I should do another one to increase my chances :)

You should, seems no one else is.

Shared with friends and I may consider to participate :)

@jadams2k18, @chekohler, I think you'll should participate too..

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Thanks for sharing! Will give it a shot.

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