STEMGeeks Gadget Contest Results

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The contest is officially over.

There was a total of five entries to go through.

All entries met the 500 words requirement and resteemed the original contest post.

After reviewing all the posts, my favorite is from @steevc.

STEMGeeks Favourite Gadget Contest: Zoom G3X

Congratulations on the 250 Stem prize!

250 STEM was drawn from the Stem Bounties account and sent to @steevc.


Wow, thanks for the prize. It's a shame more people did not enter as I am sure there are plenty of gadget fans around here. I will look at doing more posts that could work for #stem

Nice one Steve!

Well done @steevc for winning and your contribution to stemgeeks.

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Congrats @steevc!

Cheers. It was crazy that I had the only entry for a while

The bar was set pretty high.

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Good contest and decent prize. We just need a few more people here.

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