177,000 STEM Burned & STEM Miner price increase in 2020.

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As we have done since the beginning, we burned another 10% chunk of the STEM sell wall. This burn was for 177,000 STEM tokens. This reduces the sell wall to 1,603,000 STEM from the original 2,500,00 STEM.

We also burned 4B STEM tokens in the beginning to drastically reduce the max supply to a reasonable level.

As promised, we will continue to burn @stemgeeks author rewards and @stemcuration curation rewards.

I have seen a few users use the burn for promotion functionality. Just send STEM token to @null with the post you want to promote in the memo field and you will increase your posts ranking on trending.

We have burned over 4B tokens out of the 5B max supply.

STEM Miner tokens have been drastically reduced as well and are only available in limited qualities. Starting January 1st, 2020, the STEM Miner token will go up 33% to 20 STEEM. There is a very limited supply of STEM Miner tokens available as the vast majority of them have been burned. More will be slowly added to the market based on performance over the next 4 days period to the price increase.

STEM Miners are one of the lowest supply Miner tokens available.

There are only 4 days to get STEM Miner tokens for 15 STEEM.


Picked up 20 Stemm, gonna hold those for a while!

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Very nice!

I had kinda hoped more people would pick it up to balance out some of that lopsidedness.

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