Gravity Indsutries - Showing fliteboarders how to fly

in #stemgeekslast year

You really need to see this, even if it the first 5 seconds as the take off is just incredible!

Another amazing piece of leisure technology is the Fliteboard eFoil. Nice toy but comes at 10,000 Euros. Wow - I feel a business idea coming.

The Gravity Industries jet pack price tag? Priceless. Don't even know yet, but its not going to be cheap.

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The jet pack is 340,000 UK sterling and you can buy in Selfridges , London. 😹

Oh my god. I didn't think you could just buy it off the shelf! I can't afford that.

Time to start steeming harder ;)

I'll steem hard

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That is so cool! That is the kind of technology that we dreamed of when I was a kid watching The Jetsons on Saturday morning cartoons!