Ecency Updates and Why Should You Use It

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Ecency is a blockchain blogging platform which is based on the Hive platform. Also, it is a great community, where you can learn more about blockchain, cryptocurrency, of course, Hive, and meet great people! I already told about essentials of Ecency. But the @Ecency constantly develops and updates, so I want to tell you about last ecency updates and why should you use it.

Ecency Updates and Why Should You Use It

Ecency updates and why should you use it

Here are the main updates which came to my mind and which I wrote down to my notebook. Probably there are much more updates which I forgot or which I missed.

Tag dragging feature

Another great feature is dragging the tags. Now if you want to change the sequence of your tags, you don’t need to delete all of them and retype in the sequence you need. Just drag them! It is super convenient!

Ecency Updates and Why Should You Use It

Split Hive and Ecency wallets

Personally, the split wallets didn’t make a big change to me. I was fine with the combined version too. But it definitively looks more organized now. I hope, that one day there will be a feature to sort the points transactions. For example, to see how much points the user spent on Boosting, promotion, or how much points did user earned by publishing the post, commenting etc.

Ecency Updates and Why Should You Use It

Scroll up button

I think it is one of the most favourite updates. I really like it. It is super comfortable. No I don’t need to scroll the mouse up to go to the top of the page. I can do it with one click!

Ecency Updates and Why Should You Use It

Split tabs

If you take a look at the main menu of your account page, you will see that now it looks more organized. Now there are Blog, Posts, Comments, Replies tabs.

Ecency Updates and Why Should You Use It

Advent Calendar

Every year Ecency community runs the advent calendar where everyone can get free Ecency points. And you still have a chance to join it this year. First of all, it is a very fun activity. And questions or tasks are always cool, as cool the replies of participants. Also, it is a great chance to get free Ecency points which you can spend on post boost.

Upcoming ecency updates

Soon Ecency points will have more features. You will be able to exchange them into hive tokens. But I will tell more about it when it will be implemented. But I am sure that the price of the points will go up!


I learned about Ecency from my friend and it is the first platform and community that I joined on Hive blockchain. And I have never regret about it. Especially, if you are a beginner and don’t know much about Hive or blockchain, that community will help you to adapt and to start earning cryptocurrency! And upcoming Ecency updates will be even better!

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Nice post! We are preparing major update for beginning of 2021, there will be many awesome additions to website and mobile app! Stay tuned! ❤️🚀🌊

@ecency Great! I will wait for it!🤩

I use Ecency for all of my mobile posting. For desktop I stick with PeakD mostly because I love the favorites feature. It fits in really well with my daily work flow. I am really happy to see that they are continuing to improve this product.

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Hi, Great to hear that you enjoy using Ecency.
What's missing for your desktop needs on Favorites, you mean favorite topics or favorite authors?

Favorite authors. I honestly haven't used the desktop version in forever, so you could have added it and I wouldn't know. I just know PeakD has it, so I use that. I still feel Ecency has some great products between the desktop version and the mobile version.

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I see, for desktop, we have desktop app which you can download ( and use as app and we have fully functional website as well:
I just checked, Favorite authors feed, isn't it same as following people and seeing their posts on your feed?

No, it isn't the same. Following feed shows all of the people you follow which could be hundreds or thousands. Favorites allows you to scaled it down to the 10 or 20 (it can be any number actually) authors who you know you want to focus on for curation daily. People who consistently put out good content that you don't want to miss. It really helps me sift through all of the stuff on my following feed.

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I see, makes sense. But you could follow 10-20 people that you actually care and want to curate, then join some Communities to follow similar topics.

Following people is mostly misused feature, people follow dozen people that they are not fully following for their content. Shows how we should work towards making it better or educate best use of feature.

For example: shows all post from followings and would show all posts from communities you join.

Those are some good points. I think a lot of people feel like it doesn't give a good impression if you are only following a handful of people. No matter how much the realize in the back of their mind that following thousands of people just isn't feasible.

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I am not sure about impression part or if it is anyone's business to say who you should follow or how many people. But thanks for discussing why you like to use Favorites/Custom feeds. 🙏
Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, wish you all the best! 🎄🎉

@bozz I didn't use the mobile version for a long time. I so used to make the posts via the web version. I am in love with it! And yeah, I really appreciate the @ecency team work. I think there is no so many teams who keep updating and improving their projects!💞

You are right. I used to use Partiko and they just fell off the Earth and finally gave up on their mobile product. It was great to have Ecency step up and fill that void.

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Actually Ecency back then Esteem was first mobile app, that year when Partiko came live, we were reimplementing 2nd version of mobile app to be competitive as first version was slower compare to Partiko, we can proudly say with each iteration it is getting better and better. All our code is opensource, one of the strongest point even if we disappear, anyone could potentially fork our code and relaunch. 🙌

@bozz I didn't use Partiko by myself but I heard about it from my friend. And that is exactly the case when developers just stopped working on their project after they launched it... And that is sad...

I will try this out

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