SteemJs - How to programmatically verify that I correctly followed a user and resteemed his post

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This is how I currently implemented this feature:

const steem = require('steem');
const { Client } = require('dsteem');
const client = new Client('');

const myBotName = whoami();

// @returns whether my bot has already resteemed the target post
const resteemedPost = ({ history = 100, permlink = '' }) => new Promise((resolve) => {
  const query = {
    tag: myBotName, // This tag is used to filter the results by a specific post tag
    // TODO: figure out how to deal with more posts as the MAX here is 100 !
    limit: history, // This limit allows us to limit the overall results returned to N
  // Gotta use the following because steem.api.getRebloggedBy stopped working 
  // and resteemed_by in client.database.getDiscussions is always [].
    .getDiscussions('blog', query)
    .then((result) => {
      const isInMyHistory = result.filter(post => post.permlink === permlink)[0];

// @returns whether my bot is already following the target user
const followedUser = targetUser => new Promise((resolve) => {
  const options = [
    // TODO: figure out how to deal with more followers as the MAX here is 1000 !
  ];'follow_api', 'get_followers', options)
    .then((result) => {
      const hasMeAsFollower = result.filter(({ follower }) => follower === myBotName)[0];

The problem is that both functions have limitations:

  • The one used to verify whether the post has correctly been resteemed can only check the last 100 posts on my blog.

  • The one used to verify whether my account correctly followed the user can only fetch 1000 users that are following the target user.

How can I resolve this?

Thanks, much appreciated =]

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