Drones Being Used in Dominican Republic to Track Manatees

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Drones are being increasingly used for conservation efforts around the world, being utilized as anti-poaching tools and they've helped to track elephants, rhinos, and other wildlife in Africa and elsewhere.

In Australia they've been using drones to track sharks, to keep beach-goers safe while out in the water surfing or swimming etc. They've also considered using drones for croc-spotting around Australia as well.

All around the world, drones are helping to keep people safe, animals safe, and they are providing great value in a myriad of ways.

In the Dominican Republic, specifically around the Samaná Peninsula, drones are being used now to help track manatees.

Since 2017, they've been using commercial drones to help track and document a population of manatees in the region. It is considered to be the first census of the manatee using drones.

Manatees can be difficult to keep track of and in multiple regions drones are now helping researchers, from the Dominican Republic to Australia, to be able to keep track of various species including manatees.

Drones are helping researchers to be able to collect images of different animals around the world for further analysis, with a majority of the research being conducted on land.

These unmanned aerial vehicles are enabling a great deal of scientific research to be conducted that without them simply wouldn't be possible to achieve in many of the circumstances.

After the photos get taken, researchers have used a Google-developed software known as TensorFlow, a machine-learning platform, which has the ability to be taught how to pick out certain figures in photos instantly. They need to provide the platform with a great deal of images so that it can learn how to accurately identify what they are looking for, in this case the manatees. So far, they've allegedly seen about 80 percent accuracy with the detection from TensorFlow.

“To train this deep neural network you need a lot of data. Initially we didn’t have much data, so we do this incrementally,... The more the neural network is provided with examples, the better it will get.” - computer scientist F. Maire, Queensland Uni.

Drones have helped to capture tens of thousands of photographs of manatees and other animals, which researchers have to spend a great deal of time pouring over, and they've turned to machines to help. Researchers believe that this process can be used with various animals around the world, using drones to track everything from tigers and sharks, to koalas and manatees.


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Hi, thanks for another interesting post! I have included a link and a short description in my daily Science and technology digest, and you'll receive a 10% share of that post's rewards.

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That's incredible.

I really enjoy watching all the light shows they can automate and using them to track sharks to keep beachgoers safe is incredible.

I've never read that before, but think how freaked out someone gets if a drone has to go back to land to recharge at the beach and it tracks right over your head.

Wonderful animal, the aquatic life is for me a spectacular work of art that still is not known in its totality, excellent marine specimens are worthy to admire, excellent work the one that offers these flying apparatuses, hopefully and expands by all the aquatic world this practice. Good publication friend.

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Hi @doitvoluntarily,
Interesting animals Manatee, very kind and harmless.

yes, they can get up to 800 or 900 lbs 🙂👍 often referred to as 'sea cows' 😄