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RE: STEMGeeks burn report - 34.3% burned this week - May 23rd

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Hey marky -

There are 12,550 STEM tokens created for the reward pool weekly.

Can this decrease if curators doesn't curate ?

I mean , take this as an example -

I mean what if one week , only 2 upvotes were delivered ( Hypothetically speaking ) .

1 people had 100 STEM staked and other had 50 staked . Rest of the users didn't curate at all for the whole week .

Only those both will receive 50% of the full rewards allocated for author and curation ?


The reward pool will always fully empty, so you could have one single voter with one single token and the entire pool will be used.

Okay that's great :p

So the less activity on Hive might actually benefit a great deal for active users .

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