Magnificent wild flowers

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Estonia is full of these Magnificent flowers at this time of the year.
But what do you recon these beauties are called ?

They are called "Põdra Kanep" which translates to Elk Weed or Elk Hemp.
These are called so in estonia, because this flower came from Finland, and we estonians call Finnish people well . . . Elks'.



Bonus pic of an actual Weed field :)


Very nice shots, but just be warned, if you think a stock photo at the end of your real photos gives you the ok to use the tag weedcash, you will get flagged.

What are you on about ? all are his own photos.

The picture of the soldier in the hemp field is not his photo. Posting a stock image of cannabis will not pass for a weedcash post.

Also just saying there is no soldier on the photo.

The shadow is @m2nnari taking the pic, and holding is arm to cover his eyes from the sun. . .

I would like to say sorry, maybe next time just give a shout out to the pic maker, just so there is no confusion. Ill trow you some nice upvotes on these comment to get you a little weedcash.

This is my photo ... btw @mow is just my 2nd, how can I prove it ??

I swear to god on my life on everything that the photo is made by my friend @m2nnari and he has given the picture to me...

Show me proof that it's a stock photo

also the pick is made 1km from my home, when the weed is growing again, I can go and recreate the photo to prove it.

I was there in the making of it

Just confirming that indeed I am @tsnaks !

Oh damn, I knew i've seen it somewhere. My apologizes. I would love to see an reenactment, not because i dont believe you, but because it is cool.

Yeah np, I could definetaly go and make a reenactment photo without filters of the field.

Just gotta wait a little until the weed is ready.

Right on. Thanks for accepting my apologies too, this stuff is hard. But if i make a mistake, I will be glad to own up to it. Looking foreword to that pic!

and also all 3 of those pictures are about weed.

The post is about the pink flower, that it's actually weed ! (Not for real, just that people call it weed)

What ???

This is my original photo at the end

All 3 of those are made by myself.

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