PSA: Change your Steemvoter vote delay to 5 minutes

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HF21 happened on the 27th of August, with only a few minor hickups - compared to the last hard fork at least...well we do have to fork again to HF22 but that should be smooth, hopefully.

One of the changes introduced is that the voting window on a freshly released post (the time after posting during which you earn none or less curation rewards) has been reduced from 15 minutes to only 5 minutes!

No more keeping a tab open, waiting for the right moment to vote the great post you just read, as 5 minutes should be sufficient in most cases.

As you might know, Steemvoter allows you to set a delay of your choice between the post being published and you automatically voting on it. To maximize your potential curation rewards, we strongly recommend that you change the delay to 5 minutes on all your Streams and Guilds!

Steemvoter Classic

On the old Steemvoter Classic, it works like this:

Click on "RULES" and find the rule you want to amend in the list and click the green "EDIT" button.

A window will pop up, then change the "Vote Delay in Minutes" value to 5 mins or even 4 mins if you want to ensure that you frontrun everyone else, and Steemvoter may not vote exactly on 5 mins so not a bad idea to input 4 mins.

Now with the delay set, all you need to do is hit the orange "SAVE RULE" button. Do this for each rule.

Steemvoter Beta

If you've already switched to Steemvoter Beta, the version we're still developing, first click on "Streams" to see a lost of everyone you're autovoting.

Then click "Edit" and move the slider for the voting delay to 5 minutes. Don't forget to save!.

For Guilds, it's similar.

Click on the "Guilds" tab and then on "Edit Guild".

Under "Follow Requirements", move the slider to "5 minutes".

Please note that Guilds can be set up to follow the vote of one or several curators. In that case, a voting delay might not just be unnecessary but also unwise.

Check which settings make sense for your Guild!

Bulk Rules Edit

If you are a power user with 30 rules or more and want us to update your vote delay please comment on this post so we can contact you and make arrangements.

We hope this Public Service Announcement has been valuable to keep your #newsteem experience running smoothly. This is also a good time to update your rules and start voting for new authors and remove rules for inactive ones.

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I experience delay (the old Steemvoter) up to 20 minutes even if I have set it to vote for 4 and 5 minutes.

Hi @xpilar thanks for letting us know, can you screenshot me the settings of one of the rules you are having trouble with, I will have it looked at.

Hi @thecryptodrive

the same goes for several of the accounts I have added to Steemvoter
seems that everyone does not come upvote until it is 22 minutes after the post is posted, should be 4 and 5 minutes

We had a look and this problem appears to be related to issues with Steemvoter communicating with Steem network nodes. We will need to investigate further. This may be an issue caused by the recent Steem hard fork, but we're not completely sure yet.

Have you joined our customer support Discord (link in post above)? That may be an easier way to provide updates to you going forward, rather than continuing the discussion here.

Thank you @cryptomancer for your feedback

support at Discord that's ok

Sure, we will look into it and come back to you. Will have someone available to check it a bit later.

thank you @thecryptodrive

Already changed vote delay. Thank you for reminder! 👍

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Cool, glad it helped!

Do you allow for down-voting trails?

We're currently working on those! Coming soon...

Hi @steemvoter
Just yesterday I made all those changes.
I would like that at the level of the autovoto for using this application for free, you can also change the voting times. change the script

I'm not 100% sure what you mean?

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Good post

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Didn't know about this, thanks for the info! Updating now!

Changed the guild and delay

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This was an interesting read.

Hello I have around 70 rules. Would it be possible to have all of mine updated to 5 minutes? Thank you.

Hi, long time no chat. Sure, can you tell me if that is on Steemvoter classic or the new ? Is that just on your @kaylinart account?