Passing the Steem Torch

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Great honors have been bestowed upon me!

I am now the Steem Torch Keeper!

So that means I can keep it... right?
Don't worry, I'm kidding, of course!
and maybe trying to clickbait a little


The @steemtorch is a social experiment started by @geekgirl more than half a year ago. The torch has been passed from steemian to steemian 228 times by now and it is currently worth a whopping 914.562 STEEM.

Steem Torch is an experiment to demonstrate the speed and trust in transferring value on [the] Steem social network.

Yesterday @krystle entrusted me with passing the torch on and so now it's my turn to find someone who's trustworthy enough to keep this experiment going and growing. The target is to reach at least 1337 passes before the torch gets burned or donated to a steem-based charity.

I don't like to just pick one of my steem buddies and put the pressure on them so I'll make this an open call for anyone to step forward and volunteer. But I'm also unlikely to give it to any random stranger, so I guess we either need to know each other already or you'll need a decent reputation in the community to qualify for this.


please volunteer in the comments!



P.S.: IMAGE SOURCE: I didn't really like the "official" steem-torch image with some dude in a blood stained shirt... so I made my own for the purpose. I photoshopped a few generic stock images of flames into a steemy shape and put them on an equally generic stock photo of a dude holding a torch. Please feel free to re-use this as you wish, it's a bit of a low resolution, though, but at least it's not coming with blood stains.

P.P.S.: The official rules recommend sharing this on twitter. I don't use twitter. But if anyone wants to tweet a link to this post... go ahead and spread the word I guess.


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What an awesome experiment!
Congrats for being the new torch keeper.
To be honest I read something somewhere some time ago but, you know, I got distracted by something else 😂
I could pass it if needed, I would be very honoured too.
Cool work with the torch image!
Hugs over there ❤️

And so be it! The torch is in your hands now!

Thanks for stepping up to take it! I know you can definitely be trusted, so that's awesome we can keep it moving!


Wow! I jumped on my seat when I saw Gina’s notification. I’m as you told before too honoured of being the new holder. Hope I can be at the required level 😁

Nice pass! Lots to live up to. 😁👍


Awesome job mate, I love the new image too - very steem torchie lol :P

heh... thanks... and thanks for giving me the honors!

I hope the new image catches on, too - more steemy, less bloody ;)

All of my (two) followers in Twitter are now informed. :)

I'm sure they must both be really really excited to learn about this! :D

As an old torchie holder great choice happy thanksgiving

Oh wow I haven't seen this for a very long time. Let the fire of steem continue to live on

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Congragulations on passing this steem torch!! ... I don't understand it atall. Anyway.

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I just noticed this, and educated myself about this project --
well, my best congratulations to you. good job done!

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

Thanks! I dunno, it didn't quite feel right to pass it on wearing a blood stained shirt...

You're right, lol, sounds so #oldsteem :p