Steem Terminal Discord Server Game-Night Week - 5 October 06, 2019

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Hello, STEEMian's!

Good day;

Here we are again knocking your heads to our upcoming events in Steem Terminal Discord Server. Last week on September 29, 2019, was the last week of September ends event. So now we are starting the October first week event, hopefully, see you there to witness the fun and love we share every weekend. Even if we are now facing the new way of #newsteem ecosystem. Let us show that we aren't easy to give up were here to stand up and show the whole world on the #newsteem ecosystem. Just like my grandfather said if there is a storm there will be a light show, there will be a new hope show to face the new challenge in the world we live to be.

So, as I say every post I make I always remind this to all of you what is @steemterminal purpose. Steem Terminal is a one-stop location for learning about destinations on the steem blockchain & discord server.


There will be a trivia contest in the #game-night channel, hosted by @chrismadcboy2016. The event is scheduled for Sunday 06-OCTOBER-2019 from 11 PM to 12 AM Philippines America/Los_Angeles: 8:00 am America/Denver: 9:00 am America/Edmonton: 9:00 am America/Chicago: 10:00 am America/New_York: 11:00 am Europe/London: 4:00 pm Europe/Amsterdam: 5:00 pm. There will be prizes: liquid Steem and Steem-Engine tokens for the winners! Everyone should have fun and a chance to get to know each other while were having fun on the server.

But first, you need to join the server before you join the game.

Here is the Steem Terminal Discord Server:



The Theme!

  • General Knowledge Quiz Questions. I know you could make the question easy because I know all of you are brilliant, Just like @brittandjosie the blond she loves the fashion questions. Twenty (20) General Knowledge Quiz Questions English/Spanish. The winner will receive STEEM & TOKENS.

The Rule!

  • The game will be a trivia contest I will ask a question and the first person to respond with the correct answer wins a prize. In the next round, a different person will win (so one person can't win two-times-in-a-row). Simply huh! let us are more productive and making remarkable moments.

I Would Like To Thanks TO;

@xcountytraver, @thekittygirl, @brittandjosie, @wesphilbin, @heyhaveyamet, @steemterminal these people are so very nice especially redfish or other called plankton/newbies. I am so happy to be part of the game and they givin me a role in the server. I never expect that the game-night I carried as a Master of Ceremony I am happy because the game is running in one-month Woohoo!. I know it is not easy to manage that kind of game and we all know that spend of hours to make the contest successful with the help of those people mentioned above It is my honor to serve the community. I perform the best can for the sake of the community well.


You can contact me directly on discord server chrismadcboy2016 # 9313 I am willing to wait for your question & suggestion. Don't shy to ask me about the game I do not bite you I am just a simple guy who always smiles I saw people towards me and asking who are you, where are you from, how old are you hahaha... I'm just kidding but anyway you can contact me either in discord server or facebook account: Dece Chris O Maureal my profile on my facebook account is when you say a red stripe shirt little guy that is me holding my son's first walk thank you and have a nice day everyone!

Para más consulta

Puede contactar directamente en Steem Terminal Discord Server, chrismadcboy2016 # 9313

See you all there Everyone!


Thank You!

Image credit @thekittygirl

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Thanks for sharing this at #PYPT this morning.... I'm hoping I can get to it, but I will have to check to see what time it is in Australia... daylight savings starts this weekend for us, so I can't work it out in my head now.

Most welcome @metametheus I am happy to see you dropping by. You can join if you have time. I love to see people making happiness and remarkable moment. Honestly building memories is my expertise. This is me, this is exactly what I'm supported to be now.