Coastal Sunset... Steem Sunset?

in #steemsunset8 months ago (edited)

This weekend just passed, we managed to find some time to go away, and disconnect from tech.. well, for the most part, and just enjoy our surroundings and each other's company.
There's nothing quite like camping near the beach, and getting to enjoy the sun setting on the west coast.


Looking at the Steem feeds of late, it looks like I've missed a fair bit of action. This Troninator dude has taken over the blockchain, and witnesses are deciding their next move.

I've seen this happen on another chain recently... one person exerts total control and domination with mutliple nodes voted into the tip 20 witness positions... the "real"witnesses are left out in the cold... the people see and leave to greener pastures, well most of them, and all that is left are people with fomo, and a new dumping ground for cross-posting to gain some rewards in a token which is worthless...

Could Steem be next? Are we in the middle of a Steem Sunset?


Team Australia, Team South Africa, and The Alliance banners by @bearone

My Awesome Upboks by @ryivhnn


Seems like a good use of a long weekend :) Gorgeous shots!