Emotional window to understanding diseases

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This summary is the product of my reading and interest in knowing about human behavior. How does the organism behave in certain situations? What is the cycle of emotions derived from unpleasant circumstances? How do emotions affect when they are not handled properly? These and other questions encouraged me to do some research and write this post.

Disclaimer: At no time is this content intended to be a guide, manual or health prescriber, except a prohibition or call not to use the traditional health system. Nor is it an attempt to belittle or supplant valid theories on health issues. Go and trust in the good services provided by your doctor.

Configuration of human behavior

Attribution: Ulrike Mai - Public domain image hosted in Pixabay

Education as a process of formation (or deformation) has been installed in the human psyche since childhood within the home, school, media, religion, environment and other spaces; it is like copies of an operating system that automatically responds to certain situations and is immersed in a false defense system to prevent (or cause) damage to the body.

This mental configuration is introduced with protective phrases, such as: Protect yourself from the rain because you can get sick! If you expose yourself to the dew you will catch a cold! If you play exposed to the sun your head will hurt! I don't greet you with a hug because I have a cold and I can infect you! There are many affirmations that are expressed with good will, only that the subconscious registers a repertoire of intimidating warnings.

The final message is that one must protect oneself from environmental factors because diseases come from outside, this programming marks a distancing and obviate the possibility of thinking that many diseases originate from inside, by causalities and not by external coincidences.

Emotional origin of diseases

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When you have heard the weather report
According to the circumstances described, a psychological pattern is taking shape that is plagued by infectious and contagious risks, where viruses, bacteria, fungi and bugs that are harmful to health abound. Once the person has this perception, it fills the subconscious with information with a high level of dangerousness; this causes the biological alarm to light up in the presence of some factor related to the warnings that were filed subliminally.

That sensitivity leads some people to feel insecure and fearful just listening to the harmonic croaking of frogs and feel the tropical hum of the trade winds; his body mental senses emit a series of signals that make him visualize any number of health problems related to rain in this particular. I have a friend who feels the sound of rain hitting the roof and windows, immediately begins to sneeze and show that she feels discomfort and itching in the throat.

Of course, there is the medical explanation for the viral infection and its complications. However, it is recognized that thoughts have a powerful effect on the body, the mind acts as a pot for the breeding ground for emotions that manifest themselves psychologically, biologically and physiologically with various reactions, from which diseases do not escape.

Scientific occupation
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It is appropriate to describe some of the main mental patterns that generate organic disturbances and are manifested in symptoms that indicate pathological tracks according to the types of emotions incubated, developed and maintained for a certain period of time: anger, fear, criticism, self-criticism, resentment, guilt, feeling victimized, distrust, insecurity, revenge, stress, submission, extreme and permanent resentment, mental irritation, hardening of the heart, old unresolved emotional problems, stubbornness, inflexibility, withdrawal, withdrawal, denial of pleasure and even thinking that sexuality is harmful...

...Too much cortisol in the body can cause an imbalance in blood sugar; it can suppress thyroid function, and decrease bone density. This hormonal imbalance also impacts the body’s immune system. Research shows that chronic-angry people suffer more frequent colds, flu’s infections, asthma, skin disease flare-ups and arthritis, as compared to non-chronic-angry people (Boerma, 2007) Source

In reality, many mental patterns can break the emotional balance and cause biological and physiological reactions that damage health. This is a reason for occupation in psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists who are developing research about the link of some negative emotions regarding the appearance of certain diseases.

The evolution of science shows that new paths and discoveries are opening up that are as evident as they are difficult to explain and deny by the same scientific discipline. The scientific path is as exciting as it is long, as long as the methods evolve with the same dynamics of growth according to time and space.

Attribution: Gerd Altmann - Public domain image hosted in Pixabay

Cases of cure in patients with serious and terminal illnesses, for which there is no reasonable scientific explanation about the cellular regeneration of important tissues and organs that had been set an expiration date from the foundation of clinical studies, for example, people with cancer, come to light every day. Perhaps there is a multicausal paradigm in which there is an adequate explanation for the healing of these pathological pictures.

What is happening to these patients? why have they experienced miraculous healings? how is it possible that cancer cells have disappeared in a short time from the tissue or organ where they were found? what is the connection between symptoms and emotions? what is the link between emotional states, feelings and reactions to diseases? what is the biochemical relationship that an organism experiences in the process of self-healing? what are the unconventional scientific tools that have induced the cure of certain diseases? what are the emotions that are hidden behind diseases?

Towards a health paradigm

In the case of the American writer and speaker Hay Louise, after being diagnosed with vaginal cancer she asked her doctor for three months to undergo a self-healing treatment before opting for surgery, since she knew that cancer is generated from a resentment and deep resentment that drags on until it manifests itself in a cancerous tumor. Nothing was done by removing a part of the organ, if it would maintain the emotional cause that was corroding the body.

Warned by her oncologist about the risks of postponing treatment, she undertook her mental and physical prophylaxis; so in a period of six months she underwent new medical tests and was informed what she knew: the cancer had disappeared, she was absolutely healthy.

Attribution: Gerd Altmann - Public domain image hosted in Pixabay

Hay Louise had accepted, forgiven and eradicated from her mind the act of rape she suffered at the age of five. In fact, his renowned books on healing your body from the channeling of the mental causes of physical illness and his proven method of coping with and overcoming them has been a valuable contribution to transpersonal psychology and society.

Scientific theoretical contributions that are related to the studies of Dr. Robin Casarjian, who has held managerial positions in the Department of Health of the Harvard City Council, Department of Psychology of the United States Army, affirms that anger and rancor are the main emotions that trigger cancer. While the experience of Dr. Michel Barry, in his resounding success in the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, implementing Project Forgiveness as a method of healing, received recognition and support from the Council of U.S. Centers for Cancer Treatment. His scientific intuition led him to ask the research question: ¿We are affected by hatred and anger at the molecular level, to the point of leaving us vulnerable to disease; even to a disease like cancer? Barry, M., 2011, p. 13

In this regard, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, a psychiatrist and founder of a Psychological Wellness Center in California, argues that forgiveness is the choice to see the light of the lamp and not the screen. There are many professional positions found regarding the healing of illnesses through forgiveness. Now, if we already know that harmful mental patterns (old and new) are the main culprits of diseases, why do we keep clinging to them? In reality there is a common variable that is the fundamental basis of the healing process and must be internalized psychologically because it is the master key to mental, physical and spiritual health, it is about forgiveness.

Relationship forgiveness with healing

When Hay Louise forgives her pedophile victimizer she is making a serious and courageous decision. She makes an inventory of the causes, consequences and effects to analyze and conclude that child abuse filled her with resentment and resentment for a long time, long enough for psychological factors to combine with negative mental patterns that generate cancer.

Hay Louise knew that the only way to heal her body was through forgiveness. The practice of forgiveness is as legendary as it is multicultural. In the Bible the term forgiveness appears 134 times; regarding the universal prayer (Our Father), after the praise and glory to the Supreme Being the first thing that is done is to ask to be forgiven in the same way that one forgives one's fellow men (offensive).

Hug of forgiveness between an Arab man and a Jewish child
Attribution: Openclipart - Public domain image hosted in Publicdomainvectors

Now, to forgive is not to approve or accept abuses; it is forgiven because it is a natural act of love and peace. Whatever the creed, race, social condition, politics, culture, among others, it is necessary to forgive to free ourselves from suffering and hidden resentment that makes up with temporary oblivion and undermines the cells of our body like the moth that infects wood.

Mistreatment, abuse, dishonesty, betrayal, aggression and even infidelity are some morally and socially reprehensible behaviors. A father who has physically, verbally, psychologically and morally abused his children during childhood will have earned the rejection and resentment of his descendants; however, for their welfare and peace forgiveness is required.

A couple where someone has committed adultery suggests a firm and determining measure such as separation and termination of the relationship. This does not imply that one stops forgiving; on the contrary, one forgives so as not to drag oneself along with the suffering of infidelity.

It is about disapproving behavior, not feeling resentment, resentment, not daily martyrdom with the reconstruction of events that cause harm. However, a just civil process of separation, establishment of paternal and maternal commitments, distribution of goods and other agreements may well take place. Bringing a biblical passage to illustrate the occasion, David (second king of Israel) was considered God's "chosen one. He committed many transgressions and by asking forgiveness for his offenses, he was forgiven. However, God took exemplary measures to prevent a repetition of the King's behavior.


Attribution: pxhere - Public domain image hosted in Pxhere.com

The combination Forgiveness and Love is the essential active principle to build the emotional drug that will free us from physical ailments (diseases) and guarantee well-being.

A child who is subjected to an overprotection of his parents where he is deprived of enjoying child life with other children, lives in a constant fear of being reprimanded for trespassing the protective circle of his home, where this suffocation of love leads him to feel responsible and guilty for matters that are discussed in his presence; although he reserves it as secrets, that feeling of suffocation is physiologically manifested because the subconscious processed an inability to breathe.

The subconscious is like a tape recorder that does not differentiate when we are in a dialogue and we say an incorrect word, we simply mispronounce a word and he recorded without differentiating that it was an involuntary error.

En consecuencia, una buena dosis de perdón y toma de consciencia más que todo en su etapa adolescente cuando decida separarse de sus padres por razones académicas, laborales o viajes de cualquier otra índoles, le harán generar confianza, seguridad y libertad de respirar aire de mejor calidad, libre de la toxicidad amorosa a la que estuvo sumiso por sobreprotección.


The informative contribution is given by the set of characteristic aspects and psychological reasoning mentioned below:

  • Although it is true that illnesses have an emotional origin that is linked to each illness, this is reinforced by educational patterns in homes, schools and out-of-school, staying in the subconscious to combine with genetic factors and diverse events that manifest internally and externally after a certain period of time.
  • Having knowledge that mental patterns (negative emotions) configure our organism psychologically so that it is a generator and receptive to pathologies, provides the reader with valuable tools to prevent and treat certain illnesses.
  • The epistemological foundation, testimonial and critical analysis contained in this post, at least sow in the health professionals (of the discipline that is) seeds of interest to expand the information, verify the veracity and effectiveness of it to put it at the service of science and society.
  • The documentation on studies and testimonies that indicate that hatred and resentment maintained for many years corrode the organism, triggering cancer. Meanwhile, those who become aware of the cause and psychologically work on their emotional state and forgive, tend to manifest cures in up to six months. This is of great help to the patient as the specialist in charge of medical treatment.


  1. Anger and Cancer: Is There a Relationship? Link
  2. Barry, M. (2011). The Forgiveness Project: The Startling Discovery of How to Overcome Cancer, Find Health, and Achieve Peace Link
  3. Psychiatric and Somatic Markers of Anxiety: Identification and Pharmacologic Treatment Link

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I have come to a deep knowing that what you write is true. It has taken years but yes, emotion creates an energetic footprint in our physical being. We need to care for ourselves and our children immediately after disappointment, anger or trauma to help release this energy and to sidestep the manifestation of disease.

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