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Hello there @ideas-abstractas :)

I was looking for something to read with my post-lunch coffee and here I am! It took just a second for the title of your post to catch my attention :) I am very interested in the role our thoughts play in our overall well-being. I follow the belief that the quality of our thoughts hugely determine how we perceive the world, others and therefore how we behave. Very much like you said:

instead [they] weaken us as they manifest in a very negative way.

Thank you for breaking these types of negative thoughts down into different categories. Helping others to identify them is the only way guide people towards addressing and rationalizing them as you suggest at the end of your writing :)

A good exercise to achieve eliminate these thoughts is to analyze our ideas so that by simple questions

I always encourage people to talk back to their negative thoughts so as to (1)identify self-destructive ideas and attitudes and (2)shift that mode of thinking to a more constructive one.

Thank you for this read ;)
I wish you a great afternoon ahead!


I see that @abigail-dantes has replied to this. I thought of her as I read your blog, because she recently wrote one about guilt that is related, I think.
Anything that stops us from going forward and being productive, is not helpful. So overloading our minds with negative thoughts...that's the wrong direction to go in.

It's always useful to remember that guilt accomplishes nothing. However, I do believe people should assume responsibility for harm they may have done, and to learn from that experience.
Thank you for an interesting blog.

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Nice article!
I will make a list ;-)
Thanks & Resteem

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Thank you for your article. During the Summer i had made this experience. I was overloaded by my i made a break. Resigned my job and stayed at home for 3 month...I needed the time to calm down and make clear what i really was a hard way with a lot of doubts and tears but it was worth it

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