Yet another SteemSTEM logo reveal video

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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Powered by Steem

On the Steem platform, we have a wide variety of various topics, such as who is or isn't Satoshi Nakamoto, who should or shouldn't be voted up or down, whether a blockchain is made for pics of puppies or kittens.
Some are more important than others, some are hot, some are not.
Identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is irrelevant. If she ever wants to reveal herself, she's just one signature away from doing that.
However, without science, technology, engineering & mathematics, you wouldn't be here.
It moves us forward, and Steem is a perfect home for STEM related content.

Support STEM on Steem: SteemSTEM

I've used fancy video templates to generate logo reveal videos for #SteemSTEM. First one was released a year ago, and it was then followed by three different flavors and also custom audio-track made by maestro @mobbs.

Now it's time for a completely new one:

#SteemSTEM promo by @gtg

Shooting location courtesy of Umbrella Corporation and Raccoon City ;-)

Previous videos:

You can find three flavors of previous videos in my old post.
All are rendered in 1920x1080 resolution, but you could also use scaled down, optimized gif versions for your posts.

#SteemSTEM by @gtg

<center>![SteemSTEM_promo_v1.gif](<br><sup>#SteemSTEM by @gtg</sup></center>

#SteemSTEM by @gtg

<center>![SteemSTEM_promo_v2.gif](<br><sup>#SteemSTEM by @gtg</sup></center>

#SteemSTEM by @gtg

<center>![SteemSTEM_promo_v3.gif](<br><sup>#SteemSTEM by @gtg</sup></center>

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Ha! ! This is such a cool video. I hope it's ok if I put this at end of my steemstem posts with credits?

Sure :-)

Pretty cool looking video. Very talented in making the gifs and intros. Maybe I will get around to making a STEM post again soon.

Feel free to! :)

This is great! With your help we'll eventually be literally between every cell and molecule in the world!


Gandalf is immortal

Work well done Gandalf the Grey


Thanks & Best Regards @staflund-com @mrstaf

@gtg, Absolutely these aspects are base which build this Information World today, and going forward also these aspects will going to revolutionise this world for sure. Keep up and stay blessed.

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That does look really bad ass!

Science and nice videos <3

this is fantastic, what a great job :)

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Very nice video...

This is great againnnn! With your help we'll eventually be literally between every cell and molecule in the world!

You seem to be mumbling: you wrote the same comment twice :D

obviously a glitch in the matrix, duh

You are clicking too fast ;)

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