Effects of sugar in the body.

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Greetings friends.


I am trying to have a healthy diet, however, something that has cost me to eliminate has been sugar. I honestly love desserts. And it is not bad to have a taste once in a while, but sugar is not only in that dessert but it is present in many foods.

There is currently evidence that consuming large amounts of sugars can have a negative impact on the health of our brain, not only in psychological well-being but also in cognitive functions.

Therefore, it is better to try to limit the consumption of sugar and sweeteners. Also because, according to experts, it could create addiction as a drug. Sugar is toxic just like smoking or alcohol and also increases the pressure just like salt, increases the risk of heart disease and changes the metabolism.

For that, today I wanted to investigate some of the negative effects of excessive sugar consumption on our body to share with you

Difficult to concentrate:

Contrary to what is commonly thought, that an adequate intake of sugars can really help brain activity, with excessive consumption runs the risk that the brain seriously compromises its ability to concentrate. Sugars would also be responsible for premature aging of the brain and the responsible for damaging memory.

Migraine and mental cloudiness:

Recurring headaches along with the unpleasant feeling of cloudiness with which they are often accompanied may be a sign of too high sugar consumption. In this case, in addition to the nervous system, the vascular system also responds negatively to improper nutrition.

Increases the risk of cancer:

The consumption of sugar can cause the increase of inflammatory processes, in addition, it causes premature aging of the cells and this in turn can trigger cancer of different types.


Fatty liver:

Fructose is processed in the liver, and when it is in excess, it can lead to the production of fat in the liver, which damages this important organ of our body.

Thirst constant:

Increased thirst is undoubtedly one of the most common and most worrying signs of excessive sugar consumption since thirst is the effects or one of the characteristic signs of diabetes.

Excessive appetite:

Excessive consumption of sugars is associated with an increase in appetite. Poor glycemic balance, that is, the sudden increase in blood sugar content, can cause a series of metabolic responses aimed at increasing the sensation of appetite.

Weight gain:

The increase in body weight is one of the perhaps most feared signs of excessive sugar consumption. Actually, the increase in body weight is associated, beyond the caloric intake, with a change in the metabolic balance of the organism.

Bad taste in the mouth:

An unpleasant sensation in the mouth is a typical condition of excessive consumption of sugars for being responsible for the change in salivary secretion along with changes in the flora of the oral cavity.


One of the most painful consequences of excessive sugar consumption is tooth decay. Oral bacteria use sugars introduced through food to multiply and damage our teeth.


There are many dermatological disorders related to the excessive consumption of sugars. Some may be because the bacteria in the skin flora that feed on sugars can proliferate uncontrollably, in other cases because hormonal changes induced by excessive sugar consumption could lead to a massive secretion of sebum. .

Recurrent Cystitis:

Many infections of the urogenital tract are precisely related to the exasperated consumption of sugars. One of the first therapeutic options, in these cases, is precisely to reduce the dietary content of sugars.

Urinate a lot:

An important sign of diabetic pathology, polyuria, as it is called from a medical point of view, the need to urinate frequently, is a sign that the problem is already in an advanced state.


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Yep, sugar is bad my friend! And the more clearly we understand that, the more we can see in our wrestling to overcome the enticement to consume far too much of it anyway, parallels in our struggles with other uhhh ... "less than desirable" aspects of our lives ... 😉

So, nicely written post @blessed-girl. I hope you experience a lot of Steemian "eyes" reading it!

Thank you my dear friend for comment, and thank you for visiting me. Happy weekend. God bless you and your family.

Good afternoon dear companion, I will briefly tell you the testimony of my mother-in-law who was a cancer patient:

When he started his chemotherapy treatment, the doctor told him like this: sugar reproduces cancer, so it is not a game nor is it a guess, in fact at home we also avoid it and try as much as possible to eat very healthy.

Excellent post, greetings God bless you.

Yes, unfortunately it is very harmful, you have to avoid it as much as possible ... I am in that fight because I like sweets so much.

True, sugar is cancer fuel.



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Thank you very much :)

You're welcome! @blessed-girl👍

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These informations about sugar are very useful! Thanks for posting this! Regards, Sasha R.

Thank to read.

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