Trying to get to bed early and a few updates with what ive been upto

Alright folks, looking to head to bed early today for some reason, just have the feeling to do nothing. This is in mind, i decided to bang out a video today giving a few updates with what i've been doing with myself while rolling my back from work spliff. I did the video at just after 6am with the goal to be in bed for 9.30am. Right no it is 8.40am and my projections have changed to 10am. Got all my other stuff done already, just waiting for the oven to heat up so i can get some food on the go and then into bed. Kids are back to school so fingers crossed to misses in taking a sleep in, hey, hey.
As always folks, enjoy the video

I wish


Dam I hear you get lost a lot here on Steem!
Where do you get the mug I need a new work mug. Too much to get involved in all the trading over my head i'll buy some though and HODL haha 💯🐒