2019 Silver STEEM round UK group is on the cards for 3rd year

Hello SteemSilverGold, it's that time of the year when the STEEM silver round is about to go pre-sale and we start to get excited about getting this years coin. As with every year before, i have hosted a UK group buy that makes it a little easier for everyone in the UK to club together and make a little saving on postage. This year will be no different and im hoping that thier are enough people still around from the UK to take part. I might extend it out to european users as well. I dont have a bunch of time right now so i will release the proper pre-sale UK GROUP BUY post tomorrow and it'll least for 1 week. I'll take STEEM, BTC, LTC, ETH, and PAYPAL (maybe). Going for a 1500 mintage this year again. let's make this happen, who's down?

How will it happen?

  • I'll release a UK group buy post tomorrow on Saturday the 14th
  • Users from the UK have 1 week to take part and get involved
  • Everyone pays up in whatever form they pick by the 20th
  • I do the group buy and reserve any number buyers want
  • Wait.....
  • Wait a little more.........
  • It gets shipped (hopefully valued a little lower than actual worth?)
  • Arrives in the UK
  • I ship out everyone coins
  • Wait till next year and rinse and repeat

(Prices per coin will include shipping, vat and duty tax)
((Buyers pay there own postage from me to them))

That's about the jest of it. I was gonna buy 5 this year but forgot i reserved almost 10 cool numbers last year so i guess i'll be buying 10-15 and maybe 20. Whats a tube? 20-25? Ohhh boy, sorry about that. That was the stackitis kicking in and talking.



Rock on! Another UK invasion

i'm in what is the cost 💯🐒