A Photo Essay: Being Ahead of the Stacking Game

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"Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them." --Anonymous

There are 52 weeks in the new year 2020 and it is the end of week 4! It amazes me how time passes so very fast.

My dear stacking sis @kerrislravenhill wrote this the other day:

Sharing my journey in stacking precious metals is my way of motivating myself to stay the course. It was the primary reason why I opened my YouTube channel a few years ago, and why I continue to be here on steemit.

I stay the course to be ahead of the game!

* * * * *

My best financial future is in my capacity to use my abilities to its full potential.

My focus is on ME and MY EARNINGS, and getting the FULL power and potential of my earnings.

* * * * *

It is in saving and accumulating something so that I am ahead of the game.

It is in putting aside a few fiat dollars from my earnings each time.

* * * *

I decided years ago to get out of and avoid revolving debt.

I learned from personal past experience that it is almost guaranteed... if I run up debts, I will be in trouble and behind in the game.

* * * * *

If I cannot pay for it, I do not buy it.

I want to be in a position where I can pay for most things.

* * * * *

Having net resources and not having revolving debt is a H-U-G-E plus!

I want to be ahead of the game even in a very modest scale, so that money is coming in from investing, where people owe me money, and have equities of my ownership.

* * * * *

Being ahead of the game does not mean I will buy more stuff and fluff.


* * * * *

The ideas presented in this article are my personal opinion only as it applies to me and my personal circumstances. This article is not meant as financial advise. I am not a financial adviser.

Thank you for viewing this article. I will see you again soon!

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😊 Make it a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!😊

Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!!!!
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Do we look like Financial Planners to you?

Seems like the Banks, including those I have no Business with, think so. I keep getting Credit card, Line-of-Credit, Insurance offers, Mortgage loan deal companies, etc. on very frequent basis.

All this tempting, "Easy Cash" of BUY NOW and Pay Later. It's no wonder the average Canadian owes more in Non Mortgage debt than their annual Income last year, and Credit Defaults are fast rising.
Now it's the talk of Negative Interest rates, Banning Cash, Helicopter money by getting people to spend all their savings to prop up a false economy.

Both, my Sister and I leaned to be self-sufficient in our own circumstances; avoid rotating debt, saving in gold and Silver (and other Off-the-grid assets), spending reasonably, maintain a cash reserve for emergencies, and Passive Income.

Be your own Central Bank

Be your own Financial Planner

Excellent articulation of the true concept of financial freedom, sis.... freedom from the revolving debt/credit system that continue to enslave and cripple many and mostly because of the unbridled desire to acquire material fluff and wants that are (in truth) not true needs in the guise of pursuing a better “quality of life”. I personally struggle daily (more on some days, less on other days) to say NO to myself and fight the temptation of feeling deprived or feeling less because I cannot cash afford this or that fluff. The giant marketing mechanism of fluff producers inundate us unceasingly with advertising that eventually convinces many consumers that we “need” this or that thing, or that we “deserve” this or that fluff, or that we will “be happy” if we posses this or that thing, etc., etc. We can go on and on...
I just know that when it comes to material fluff, less is more!
Take care, sis 🥰🌺🤙ands million hugs and kisses 🤗❤️😘

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My heart and my bank account completely agree with your ideas.

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Totally... and I think that those who try to do what makes the best sense for finances will agree with us. I have encountered others who rationalize why they won't do what it takes to save money. The worse ones are those who marginalize the efforts of those who try and want to live within their means while at the same time be able to save money because they personally will not make the effort and the sacrifice to do what it takes. I know from my own personal experience that it is not easy. It takes humility, self-knowledge, persistence, perseverance, and prudence, and many other virtues to overcome materialism (that makes one think that there is a need for so much stuff and fluff.)
Have a wonderful evening, my friend @ronaldoavelino, and take care 🥰🌺🤙 !tip

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I Know About Debt and I know how it can get people in a place they don't want to be. You are doing very well by recognizing this Ms. Saver and it is wonderful that you know the current system that we live in does not favor those who do not realize that they need to do something to save outside of the system.......... @silversaver888

An insightful comment, @stokjockey! I appreciate your encouragement and support. Thanks for being first to comment on this article.
Have a great weekend ahead! Take care🥰🌺🤙 !tip

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My focus is on ME and MY EARNINGS, and getting the FULL power and potential of my earnings.

This makes a lot of sense, and I get it, but I find by really helping others, you get farther faster.

Of course... that is my personal experience as well, @enginewitty. Hahaha... because I am focused in my earning potential, I am able to be generous and give away silver to almost everyone that I know, volunteer my time every week, feed the homeless families that live in the park nearby from my personal resourcesevery week, and much more! It doesn't mean that I have much, it only means that I am able to use my earnings to the fullest. When I say, that the focus is "ME", I am only saying that I have no one outside of myself to rely on and to provide for me, therefore I have to focus on my abilities to earn.

How very true and great job and determination bestie. Your stack probably dwarfs mine.

Nah, we probably have the same... I know that your stack is large too, bestie!
You and @kerrislravenhill are two of the great individuals I know here in steemit who I admire much for how you work 💪💪💪.
Have a wonderful weekend ahead, bestie. ake care🥰🌺🤙 and a ton of hugs 🤗 🤗!tip

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I highly doubt that, but if you think so. Either way i am very happy for you bestie


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You said it all....and perfectly @silversaver888!!!😀
When we were first Married 39 years ago, we fell into the Debt trap, that so many people get stuck in....
One of my goals back then was to pay everything off, and to use cash only.
The freedom of being completely free of Debt cannot be put into words!
This also frees up disposable income to save/ invest....Did someone say Silver and Gold LOL!!
Everyone needs to read this post!!!!!😍🤗😀

The best advice that I followed from stacking "elders" was: PAY UP YOUR REVOLVING DEBT FIRST BEFORE STACKING. The one idea that stuck to my head from the videos I watched is that: stackers come and go... and those who stack using the debt/credit system will most likely fail, and those who do it cash basis succeed; that stacking is a long game; that slow and steady is the way to do it.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend @silvertop, and take care 🥰🌺🤙.

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Sound advice my friend, I know @spinvest is saying/doing the same thing...slow and steady....🤗
I feel so much more secure owning Silver and Gold...it's a good feeling my friend!!😍😀🤗🤑

Good, sound advice my dear sister!😎👍💕🤗 Lots of hugs! Have a wonderful weekend.

... it works for many successful stackers, and it works for me. It is not for everyone.
I have four unstackablestackables, three from years ago, and a gift salt & pepper shaker set from another stacker. I think I will show them one per Friday!
Have a terrific weekend! Do you have special plans this weekend?
Take care, sis @elizabethbit, take care🥰🌺🤙 and a ton of hugs 🤗 🤗!

Hi @silversaver888! Check out my Actifit report and you can see what we've been up to. https://steemit.com/actifit/@elizabethbit/actifit-elizabethbit-20200126t064115144z

Have a fantastic rest of the weekend! Lots of love and hugs and kisses😍🤗💕🌻

What a brilliant post, as I have probably mentioned when I retire and we move I plan to buy our house and be debt free and stay that way for the rest of my days

Cheers and I hope your weekend is going well

It's a good path to be on, financial freedom is so rare in this debt fueled economy...stay strong and keep stacking, you are way ahead of the game now!

I took a similar route after everything fell apart unexpectedly years ago. Surprised myself that I stuck to that for a few years now. I find it much less stressful and the piece of mind it brings looking back and seeing the savings instead of debt that has built up instead of mountains of crap we don't need. Since getting into precious metals, a lot of my mindset has changed for the better even helping being more mindful of spending in general.

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