Partiko dead? Esteem encumbersome

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I am sad that partiko is dead/dying. It was a simple and streamlined mobile steeming application. I am trying esteem again but finding it still not loading much at all. Not just slow but nil. I wonder what other options are out there. I am surprised that the partiko crew did not advertise to their base.

There is a lot of good news out there today but I dont feel like typing about it. I am just sitting here on my short work lunch trying to update my blog for some more steems. Gave my motorcycle some TLC this weekend now that it is back home. Saving the funds for repairs so I can ride in the spring.

The silver to gold ratio is closing in on 80 to 1 today. I had to school a female over the weekend talking about pips and holding foreign currency. I said it is still fake fiat and can you name the laws of money? None of the currencies are a store of value. Even when they are backed by something the exchange is determined by a central authority. I showed her some real money (silver) and went on my way planting seeds. I hope to see at least one growing soon. I do not have high hopes. Good day steemians.

Thank you for reading and helping me do the best I can to support a community that allows people to Express themselves freely. Helping to Ressurect the Republic with RepublicBroadcastingNetwork. Truth is on talk radio. RBN needs emergency funds. The network is barely able to stay on the air with very outdated equipment. Join me in supporting them today. If you want to return the favor then you can support me below.

Do you want to decentralize steemit? Try Partiko. It is working well for me. Save your points though because there might be a bug with Partiko votes.

I am earning steem playing steem dapps. @steemknights is one fun dapp. Use my link to try it out and get a free queens blessing.
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Dash is the best crypto still. Even though it is just now rolling out dapps. Dash is the most utilized crypto. I would love it if i get some here. XwalqU1USSaXHgTsCGFhryBvuUPFyNrfZb
BTC: 34Esimf97TPAS9jyaXU7rVj5SdpvXHR13W

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You seem to be using older version of eSteem!
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I sure was. The auto update did not help. The app looks very new. Thank you for the rapid response.

The one you are using is legacy version, we have different app listed on Google PlayStore and Apple Appstore now. Please check our first comment for the links, Click on Android or iOS words and download app. In new app you get chance to earn ESTM as well.

I made that comment from the new app. Thanks for the follow up though. Catch you in the am. Need a downvote button. Planning on a review post.