Todays Coin purchases


So it has not been a day of rest but one of selling and buying and here is what i picked up today to sort and sell next week.

As you can see there is a small pile of coins and i did spot a few silver coins and just for fun can you spot them before scrolling down.


Before i get to the silver coins here are some other interesting coins, i will star at the top left and move across with the 1st being 5 kroner, 8 doubles, WW2 German 1 pf, irish 1/4 penny, German half mark, WW2 Lebanon 1 piastre, 2 Canadian pennies and Jersey 1/12 of a shilling aka a penny.


Here is the silver coins, did you spot them? Anyway there is only 3 with a British 6d, Netherlands 10c and a Uruguayan 1 Peso and i also bought myself a new silver watch fob with a gold front which i will fit tomorrow to one of my watch chains.



Yes, Foreign Coin Collecting can be fun and sometimes inexpensive. Some coin dealers sell them by the lb or kilo, for just a few bucks. Many are made of copper, nickel, tin, and sometimes precious metals. With a little luck, one may find a hundred-year-old coin, even 1800s stuff. Thanks for sharing Monsterjamgold.

Even notice the pair of Large Canadian Coppers, they're fun large coins to have.

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I could not spot the Uruguayan coin...

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Centre front for the Uruguayan silver

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