Battle of the Atlantic Gold & Silver coin set


So yesterday i bought a really nice set of coins, they are to commemorate the battle of the Atlantic in WW2 and the silver coins are made from British WW2 silver and what makes this set really nice is that the gold coin is still in the set.


The set also comes with a book explaining the set and info on the battle of the Atlantic, i am selling this set for £270 which is cheap considering the original cost was over £500.



Tell me, is that a 1/10 oz gold coin? My grandfather (as many fathers/grandfathers of peeps in steemit) was in that war.

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Yes it is 1/10 oz

You paid 500 for the set or did someone else paid 500 for it? Maybe I shouldn't ask?😉

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Someone else paid that not me, mints literally printing there own money

High quality coin set, I love it when they create a coin album!!😀

Nice historical set pal \o/