Monarch Silver Sugar Skull

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I found a couple pieces I bought a bit back but never got around to sharing. So while I won't be purchasing anything new for a while, I've still got a few things I can post.

Today it's one of the 2oz Monarch Sugar Skulls. It was an impulse eBay buy. At the time it seemed like a good buy, being under the going rate for these, but it's seeming less so now that the silver price has plunged. Still, I'm in this for the long haul, so a temporary dip doesn't bother me. Plus, it's just cool to look at.

This is the rose variety, so named for the rose on its forehead.


The crown mint mark, weight, and purity can be found on the back. It's a really nice looking piece that I'm sure will retain it's value over the long haul.


No idea what's coming, but I'm glad to have a bit of metal just in case.

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Big fan of MPM. Great skull