Found Some Local Silver

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I ventured out to my LCS this weekend, and I'm sure glad I did. Today, the governor of Michigan issued one of those stay at home orders that have become so popular lately. All the states are doing it. So that means no trips to the coin shop until the middle of April at the earliest.

When I arrived, I was not hopeful. I could see that the generic bin was empty, as it had been the past several times I visited. But then the owner brought out one he had saved in the back just for me.

Aside: When I first started out stacking silver, I received some great advice. Get to know your local coin shop proprietor. This relationship has served me well several times in the past. When he sees things that he's pretty sure I'll buy, he saves them for me. I've gotten some nice old poured pieces this way. I generally advocate buying from local merchants, but I can't recommend buying local highly enough in this particular case.

This trip it wasn't poured, but it was pretty cool nonetheless. He pulled out a 1 oz JM MTB Liberty bar. I have previously showed off the 10 oz version, which I also got from this same LCS, but now I have a 1 oz as well.

This side features the JM and MTB logos, as well as the serial number.


The other side shows off Lady Liberty. And speaking of showing off, check out that unfortunate wear pattern.


I count myself pretty lucky to have picked this bar up in these uncertain and physical silver scarce times. But that's also one of the things I love about my LCS. You never know what you'll find when you walk through the door.


"An' a braw find it is Laddie!" 😉 -Keptin

Ha! That wear pattern is somethin else buddy! But awesome bar anyway! Stay safe

What a nice score my friend I love the Lady Liberty!!
They just put us on lock down today....stay safe and healthy Silver will be here for us again!!😀