Another Steem Silver eBay Find

in #steemsilvergold11 months ago

I posted a few days ago about some Steem Silver buttons poured by Pit Bullion. As part of the same lot, I picked up these 2018 Steem silver rounds, featuring the communit-tree design by @welshstacker.

I bought some of these when they were new, but I was happy to be able to add some aftermarket rounds to my stack.


Given the recent controversy, I'm glad the decision was made to represent Steem and not steemit in the design. Good on the creators for having the foresight to make it about the chain and not the interface.


Nice @methus

You have a very good point @methus....and we should be proud of Steem !!!😀


Fair play to this @welshstacker, he sound like a great guy with a fantastic sense of design. 🤣

As for steemit and the steem blockchain, like you, I'm so glad we went for "steem" rounds too.

You don't have the numbers do you?? Remember I had several SSR coins disappear and never got them, I've been on the look out for them since, hoping one day the theif would try and sell them on ebay.

I have the COAs at home, but these are higher than the numbers you're missing. These are all over 1000, and as I recall all yours were low numbers.